☠ Well… That was Overkill! ☠

Not every threat needs the nuclear option! Sending Dr. Manhattan to take down Kiteman, for example, is a bit like using a bazooka to kill a gnat.

Sometimes, though, the some of the weakest characters do face off against DC’s best. The results are often awesome, hilarious, and, on rare occasion, even unexpected.

So, what are some of the best examples of overkill in DC’s history?


One of my favorite Darwyn Cooke drawings of all time:


I almost feel sorry for the clown! :rofl:


Superman gets a free Soder on me if he punches his fist through Joker’s skull.

What if he aims just a bit too low, @Vroom?

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Either way, circle gets the square and Superman a free Soder!

To the Ace o’ Clubs we shall go, where an ice cold Soder will make you aglow!

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