Welcome to DC Universe's YEAR ONE Celebration!

This week we are celebrating ONE WHOLE YEAR on the service! What what whaaa-?

From 2,500 comic, from no original shows to 4 original shows launched, from a time when we all didn’t know each other existed to not knowing how we lived without each other- it’s been an epic journey of earning our sea legs and finding ourselves. Read on to see all the ways we’re boogying down:

:movie_camera:DC DAILY​:movie_camera:
To continue our journey from last week’s highlights from the DC Universe Originals, we’ll be taking a step back and touring the nooks and crannies of DC Universe itself, from comics on the big screen to the depths of archives. It all culminates in an epic dedication to you, our fans, as we talk about your favorite moments, our favorite fan art, and more than a few surprises.

Keep your eyes on the Daily Planet to read all about DC Universe’s picks of Top Five moments from across the headlines, from Interviews to Reading Lists highlights from our own favorite character’s Year One moments.

Check out our Master of Collection’s assembly of all the Year One stories f rom across the DC Universe in the link below, or find it in the Showcase section of our Collections::point_down:

That’s you, our sweet Babushkas. (In that you’re all Russian grandmothers.) This week, we’ll be sharing our own highlights from around the warm hearth. Moderators will share their favorite moments from across the year, and every day starting tomorrow we’ll be telling you what the top conversations were from each category. Not only that, you’ll have a chance to ask a bunch of members of our staff your most burning questions in Thursday’s Special Edition Office Hours- be sure to check out the Watchtower section to learn more! You may just get some sneaky peekys from behind the scenes of the DC Universe offices.
And last but not least, we will open discussion of what’s to come for the new Community launch! Finally, we’re going to be capping the whole week off by sounding the alarms for you, our sweet Babushkas, to sign up for our closed beta group to try out all the new features for yourself.

And THAT, my friends, is how you celebrate a single year of existence. :cake:

Thank you all for helping us shape the service into what it’s become today, and setting the stage for what’s to come!


You sold me with “sneaky peekys”.

rubs hands together for what’s to come I tell ya boys and girls, I got a great feeling about this…


I’m excited to see what comes next for DC universe!


Kinda surprised “Secret Origin: The Story Of DC Comics” didn’t make the “watch” section.


Happy 1 year anniversary DC Universe!!! :grinning::birthday::confetti_ball:

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@Desade acolyte said

Secret Origins History of DC Comics is the best.

I often recommend it to members who are just starting out reading DC comics,

Along with the animated film

Justice League New Frontiers.

After watching those two films, which takes only three hours, they would have a much better understanding of the background behind all the comics in our library.


Wow already a year time went by so fast

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New Frontiers is an excellent choice!!!
It’s how do heroes come together for the greater good. (That’s the fundamental idea behind DCU Year One. How all the community on both sides of the server have come together and start a great thing that will continue on.)


All sounds awesome. Happy year one everyone.


Year One Celebration time! :raised_hands: Very excited! Feel like I need to go get some cake n ice cream now :cake::ice_cream:. Thank you Grandkids (since we’re grandmothers right :blush:) for all your hard work! You’re the best!


I’m trying to remember what I used to do when not at work before this launched last year.


It’s best not to think about that, @Don-El. Those were dark times.


There…there was a time when DCU didn’t exist?

runs into the corner, sits and holds himself tightly while saying “That’s not true! That’s impossible!”


I love the whole thing but especially the original content which are not only entertaining but also geared as adult programming. Real characters, great stories. Very different then anything else available. Thank you.


Happy One Year Anniversary, DC Universe! :partying_face::tada:

1year congrats dc universe it went by fast

awesome, happy anniversary! hard to believe … this weekend, until the end of the year, all the pre-order nerds from last summer get the greatest fan service content delivery site in human history for free … thank you so much


:tada: HAPPY YEAR ONE ANNIVERSARY :champagne:!

It has sincerely been a pleasure watching this spectacular service grow from day one.

DC Daily is still a household favorite :heart_eyes: and I’ve personally rewatched Batman TAS more times than I’d probably like to admit :joy: And now that the app is on Xbox, we have access in even more rooms! A convenience my lady and I greatly appreciate… particularly when we’re both in completely different DC moods.

From the big screen comics and films, old school classics and new original series, well thought out articles and sweet giveaways (which I’ve YET to win I might add :joy:), to the fantastic community and hilarious moderators, it’s impossible not to want to spend all of our free time here!

From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to say congratulations and thank you to ALL involved in making this service the best bang for our buck we could ask for! Keep up the awesome, and we’ll keep subscribing!


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I like the Top Ten List

I am glad Secret Origins The Story of DC Comics is on the list. I watch it frequently.

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Happy Anniversary DC Universe! I love the content, from DC Daily to the original shows like Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing and can’t wait for Harley Quinn! #DC4Life