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Oh my Clarks & Brucies, welcome welcome! Won’t you pull up a seat? You must have so many questions. Let’s see if we can’t answer them.

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:zap:Technical & Billing Support
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“I’m having a challenging experience with operating DC Universe! What do?”

We’ll try our best to workshop your queries and empathize with your experience, but the only way to get your issue technical issues with DC Universe addressed is by submitting a ticket here: yourdcu.com/submit, or by finding “Help Center” at the bottom of any page in the DC Universe (Desktop), or Settings>Support>Help (Mobile & more).

“Thanks, that’s helpful. This community seems all right, anything I need to know?”

Great question! We have a “Frequently Asked Questions” thread that are a great guide for features in t he forums like bookmarking threads, posting pictures, and how the forums are organized. You can find it here.

“Oh, cool! That’s a lot of information. I think I’ll just go ahead and starting posting broadway-style!”

Hold on a second, friend! We do have a few guidelines we’d like you to keep in mind. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory- Don’t be mean, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, don’t spam, the usual community stuff. But there are some nuances, and you can check them out here: DC Universe Community Guidelines. They are crafted with the following principles in mind:

Be kind to each other, keep heroism at heart, be mature and constructive in your topics, and above all, have fun!

We also always have friendly moderators standing by to clear anything up if you have questions.

:zap:WHERE TO START​:zap:
“I feel ready! Where’s a good place to jump in?”

We’d love to hear a little more about you! If you have some time, please visit our “Roll Call” thread and let us know all your DC inklings!

We also have a few topics that address common discussion topics, like:

“This is all VERY cool. How can I get even more involved?”

Oh, we like you. For friends like you, we have a whole calendar of live events to participate in, from Watch-Alongs, Book Clubs, Trivia Contests, Fan Creations, and more! You can find the full breakdown here.

“Okay, I think I have everything. Mind listing it out again, just in case I missed something?”



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Thanks for sticking with us! Without further ado, let’s get to the fun part. Welcome, one and all, to DC UNIVERSE!


And so began the reign of Auto Mod. Long after we were all extinct the amazing Auto Mod continued to want to help others in DCU!


Will do

@Don-El - Maybe it’s name should be changed to Brother Eye…


is there anything DC doesn’t think of :clap::clap:

I would be soo frickin overwhelmed (in the best way possible!!) if I signed up today for the first time and had ALLLLL of this content to explore

tears up


I love this idea of the Auto-Mod. Kind of like self checkout at Walmart. …

Once Community 2.0 comes up and we have a Legion of Super-heroes room, we are hoping Validus may be interested in being our Auto Mod!!!


I 'member this!


Auto Mod of today…Auto Mat of the 1950s

Both dispensing pre-packaged goodness, chilled just right for mass consumption and enjoyment!



@Jewell-el, over here!!!

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I’d go to an Auto-Mat and try to talk to Phil. Phil refills the fills.

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LOL gasp

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I hope DCU offers AutoMod Signal Watches!!!

Activating Kelex