Weekly Recommendations 2/19

This week added new series and with it new recommendations

  1. Red Hood: The Lost Days #1-6 (DCU Book Club)
  2. Doom Patrol #26-27 Grant Morrison (DC Daily Book Club)
  3. Aquaman Vol. 1 (Rebirth Recommendation)
  4. Batgirl Vol. 1 (New 52 Recommendation)

Bonus Reading
Read Red Robin, Checkmate, and Manhunter LAST CHANCE!!!

Also I’m debating how to move connected content forward I’ll post on that soon!

What’s your favorite title of these recommendations? Let me know down below!!

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Again very good recommendations. Very goodb range, while still in the core of the DC Universe, which new readers need.

Later on, give Stephanie Brown as Batgirl a try. I remember it as a great series, killed by New 52.

Geoff Johns Aquaman New 52 is always a great read that I recommend.

After that his Teen Titans 2003 is easily readable, even without Wolfman and Perez version. Just need Graduation Day, available in library. The members of Young Justice is so different from Peter David version, they seem almost out of character, so you don’t need to read that first.

@turok I was going to add Geoff Johns New 52 but didn’t want two aquaman titles the same week! I will say that I think Rebirth Aquaman beats Geoff Johns aquaman run by a long shot due to better connectivity between titles and a more cohesive characterization of Aquaman and Mera’s separate goals for Atlantis, but you can also argue that Johns created that vision and Abnett refined it.