Weekly History Battle Topic Name?

Hello everyone your favorite Leader of Warworld here with a question.

I posted a poll to test the knowledge of the community on past DC brawls. I would like to make this a weekly thing, but I need a catchy name! I thought who better to ask then the community itself!

Do we call it Warwolds weekly challenge? Historical DC Battle poll? or something else? List a few options and I can make a poll and the one voted on the most would be the title!

Now I also would like to see if anyone would want any other battle style polls throughout the week? Like DC teams vs other DC Teams and vote on who you think should win or who you want to win, Or random matchups between two characters regardless of past encounters and debate who should be the victor. Or anything else right now I plan on doing the historical battle poll on Fridays releasing the answer on Sunday night. That leaves plenty of time in the week for other battles so let me know!

From your gracious host,


Historical DC Battle Trivia.

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That’s not bad I like it. Should it still be a poll in that case or a few questions a week to see who gets the most right?