Weekly DCU Comic Recommendations 2/5/19

This week my recommended comic reads based on various activities in order are:

  1. Gotham City Sirens #1-5 (DCUBC Read)
  2. Doom Patrol #23-25 (DC Daily Book Club)
  3. New Superman #1-6 Made in China (Rebirth Weekly Recommendation)
  4. Animal Man #1-6 (New 52 Weekly Recommendation)

Bonus Reading:
TNTT #1-6 (I’ll slowly move this list along the run Connected Content #1 Recommendation)
Action Comics #1-3 (Golden Age Selection)
Wildstorm #1-6 (Non DC Superhero Recommendation)
Batgirl #1-6 (Rebirth+ Recommendation)

I’ll always make #1 and #2 The two book clubs in that order. Followed by a Rebirth Series and a New 52 series. In the bonus section, I’ll prioritize longer series and have the series continue until I feel its time to end. I try to have something from each era included in this post but I won’t always. I’ll also try to review some of these!

What would you recommend this week? What are your thoughts on these recommendations?


I second New Super-Man. The art is a little beefy in spots but overall it’s a solid read. I hope NS pops up in other titles as he’s a character with alot of potential.

I’ll also second The Wildstorm. Issues 1-6 are a slow burn, but in the best way. It’s great to see Grifter, Zealot and other stalwarts from the Wildstorm Universe back in action.

Woohoo! I totally forgot you also like New Super-Man! Love love love it.

@vroom, He pops up in Superman Vol. 3 which is the first time he meets superman. (Its not available yet on DCU) He is also referenced in Oz Effect albeit briefly. Honestly, I’ve never met someone who hates New-Superman.

Yep, got those. He’s in Rebirth Deathstroke #'s 28 and 29 too.

I swear I saw him in more recent singles, but I can’t recall which series offhand. Hmmm…

I’ll check the wiki’s. He might be in Bendis’s run briefly?

He’s a mutated character in Drowned Earth. He was in Doomsday Clock #5. Batman #43. Deathstroke #24-29

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Yeah, he might be been in the current Superman series. That sounds very familiar.

*might have been in

He’s not apparently…

New Superman is on here!!!??? I’ve been looking forward to that title for a long while, I can’t believe I’ve never gotten around to picking it up.
Awesome recommendations, all of them are solid for sure. I know I’ll have to get around to NS, so feel free to hold me to that! :wink:

Yes it is!!! I know right. Once again. There are zero New Super-man haters.

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I’d like to see the Flash of China pop-up in The Flash more. She did once or twice when the Rebirth banner was in use, but not since then AFAIK.

Where? I finished volume 5 and no appearance yet!

The Perfect Storm arc, #'s 39-45. Volume 7 of the trade run.

@Nathan.Payson, The Flash of China was also in last week’s Flash Annual #2. I just read it and was pleasantly surprised to see her.

That’s awesome! I hope they integrate those characters more as they are all fantastic. When will Batman meet bat-man?