Week of Covers! | Coverart Scavenger Hunt

Week of Covers! | Coverart Scavenger Hunt

:sparkles: The first ever Week of Covers! | Coverart Scavenger Hunt Event has come to an end and it has been a great past week!:sparkles:

Thanks to our winner :medal_sports: @Reaganfan78 and our first runner up :1st_place_medal: @AntLeon for your participation and for making this a memerable first event! :tada:

:star2: If you didn’t get the chance to participate this time around, don’t worry, the next Week of Covers! event will be coming back around sometime soon, so stay posted! :star2:

Theme: :star: Storylines :star:

Welcome to the maiden voyage of the Coverart Scavenger Hunt! :mag_right:

We will get started on January 20th, and the Hunt :mag_right: will continue for one week, ending on January 26th. Each day I will be posting 3 questions, and each question will be accompanied by a scavenger hunt clue. This is where the coverart comes in, but I will explain that part here in just a minute. You will have to solve the clue in order to answer the question correctly. Participants will be awarded points for correct answers, and the participant with the most points at the end of the week will be the lucky winner! :four_leaf_clover:

Oh, and perhaps you noticed in the subheading that our theme will be :star:Storylines:star: This means that the answer to every question in this scavenger hunt can be found in an issue from the “Storylines” section of DCU’s comic book reading library. This will narrow things down for you a little bit, but keep in mind, that there are currently 134 storylines in the DCU library. That’s a big hunting ground :wink:

UPDATE: :star: :star: :star: The winner of the Week of Covers! Coverart Scavenger Hunt event will be awarded the super cool RIDDLER badge! :star: :star: :star:

NOTE: Please feel free to give me feedback! If 24 hours just doesn’t seem like enough time to complete these, let me know and I can adjust the timeframe a bit!

Here’s how it all works:

I will post 3 questions per day. Each question will be accompanied by a scavenger hunt clue. Clues will consist of an image of a comic book cover and the page of that comic where you can find the answer to the question. Here’s the tricky part: the comic book cover image will show the coverart, but any identifying words or symbols will either be removed or blurred out. You will have to correctly identify the comic book based on its coverart before you can locate the answer inside the issue. I have provided an example question below :arrow_down:

Example Question:

Question #1: Where’s Brainiac?


To solve this clue and answer Question #1 you will need to correctly identify the series and issue number for the source of the coverart image provided. In this case, the series and issue number for Question #1 is Superman: Red Son #2.

Ok, so you’re off to a good start, you found Superman: Red Son #2 :+1:t2: The clue says that the answer can be found on page #5, so let’s head on over and see what’s there:

And there it is in black and white, the answer! Superman asks, “Where is he, Luthor? Where’s Brainiac?” and Luthor replies, “Christmas shopping at Macy’s, Superman. Where do you think?”.

So, the answer to Question #1: Where’s Brainiac? is Christmas shopping at Macy’s. See how that works? Of course you do, you’re good at this kinda stuff! (but do feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions :wink:)

The Rules and the Deets:

:arrow_right: When and Where:

All the action will happen right here in this thread from January 20th to January 26th.

New questions will be posted between 9:00-9:15 pm PST/12:00-12:15 am EST and all scores will be posted on the scoreboard at the end of each day. You should see the scoreboard updated somewhere between 9:00-10:00 pm PST/12:00-1:00 am EST.

This means that if you live in PST or CST time zones, you will see the first set of questions appear on the evening of January 19th.

:arrow_right: Submitting Answers:

There will be 3 questions posted per day. You will only be allowed to post one answer per question, however, you will be allowed to answer each question in separate posts. (So, up to 3 posts per day, 1 post per question.) Posts providing a second answer for the same question will be disregarded

Posts cannot be edited except to correct typos or spelling errors.
:rotating_light: PLEASE NOTE: :rotating_light: if you do edit your post, be sure to do it within 5 min. I will not be able to monitor the thread all day, so if I see the little symbol in the top, right corner :arrow_upper_right: indicating that the post has been edited, I will disregard the post. This rule also applies to deleted posts. So do not delete, or none of your answers for that day will be counted.

:arrow_right: Points and Scoring

Each participant will have the chance to get up to 3 points per day. 1 point per question will be awarded to the first person to post the correct answer.

Remember, the scoreboard won’t be updated till the end of the day.

The person with the most points at the end of the day on January 26th will be the winner :fireworks:


Week of Covers! | Coverart Scavenger Hunt

:trophy: Congratulations @Reaganfan78!! :trophy:

You are the official winner :medal_sports: of the first Week of Covers! | Coverart Scavenger Hunt Event, AND the first to be crowned :crown: The Head Hunter :crown:

:tada: The Week of Covers! Event 1st Runner Up :1st_place_medal: goes to @AntLeon :sparkles:

Thank you both for helping to make this past week a fun one! @Reaganfan78 I will contact the mods and to have your RIDDLER Badge awarded :grinning:

8-the-riddler _ BADGE SM

@Reaganfan78 & @AntLeon I have a little something for both of you that I will post soon :wink:

:crown: Who will be crowned the “Head Hunter”? :crown:


AntLeon - 12
Reaganfan78 - 17

Note: Scores may not be updated until the end of the day, but I promise I will do my best to have the scores for each day updated by 11:45pm EST each day.

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:slightly_smiling_face:I think @HubCityQuestion will be really good at this game, I’ll have to try to think like Indiana Jones in this game to play!


:exclamation:UPDATE :exclamation: The winner will be receiving the prestigious RIDDLER badge!

Riddler _ Edit

I have spoken to the powers that be (a.k.a @Applejack :wink:) and the winner of the Week of Covers! scavenger hunt event will be awarded a RIDDLER badge for all their hard work! I can’t wait to see who ends up in the winner’s circle :medal_sports:

Don’t forget to look for the next bonus question arriving soon.


:rotating_light: BONUS QUESTION UPDATE: Bonus Question #1 & Bonus Question #2 are now available. Check them out now to get a jump on the competition!

:star: Bonus questions can be found at the bottom of the main event post :star:

These bonus question points are going to keep for the next 9 days?

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Yes and no. I will accept bonus question answers up until the 20th when the event starts, but there will only be 3 bonus questions total. The next one will be the last. I wanted to release the bonus questions early enough to give people time to do them before the event starts.

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I notice @AntLeon got two points, so do I post message you my answer or post it here?

Edit: Nevermind, I should’ve read it first! Sorry. :slightly_smiling_face:

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:male_detective:‍♂Two more days to go! @CharlieSheensDealer when playing, do I post my answer here or post message you my answer?

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I know! I’m getting excited! I haven’t been around as much the past week because it was my first week back in school (I’ve been going back school part time because I want to become a P.A. so I can eventually become a primary care physician) so I’ve been getting back in the groove of balancing school and life again lol. But I’m ready and excited for the Week of Covers to start Monday!

Starting on Monday during the main event I will ask everyone to start posting their answers here in the main event thread. The only questions that you need to submit answers to via private message are the bonus questions (which will be closing tomorrow night at midnight BTW!).

Thanks again for all your support! I can’t wait to get my first event rolling!

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:exclamation:Just an official reminder to everyone, the bonus round questions will close tomorrow (01/19/2020) night at midnight (12:00am EST) and at that same time I will be posting the first set of questions the main event!:exclamation:

So far @AntLeon and @Reaganfan78 are the Bonus Round leaders :1st_place_medal: ith 4 points each! Anyone else wishing to participate in the Bonus Round will need to get those answers submitted to me by midnight tomorrow night.

Good luck to all you Hunters :female_detective: out there! I can’t wait to see which one of you will become the Head Hunter!

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One more day to go! :male_detective:‍♂ Shakes hand with @AntLeon May the best man win! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m ready for the Adventures @CharlieSheensDealer!

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Lol I love it! I’m a huge Indie fan so this is just the best! I’m getting my drafts ready for tonight right now :wink: I feel like Q#3 is going to be kinda easy, but I could be wrong.

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Week of Covers! | Coverart Scavenger Hunt Kickoff

:mag_right: We’re just a few hours away from the official kickoff of Week of Covers! :mag_right:

At midnight :clock12: tonight (9:00PST/12:00EST) I will be taking down the Bonus Round Questions and posting Day #1 Questions #1, #2 & #3. The point for each of these questions will go to the person who answers the question first.

:four_leaf_clover: Good luck, and may the best hunter win! :four_leaf_clover:

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Waiting first in line on a thread! It’s like waiting in line to see a new movie!:slightly_smiling_face::popcorn::film_projector:

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Week of Covers! | Questions: Day #1

Round #1 :mag_right: Here we go! Good luck everyone!

:star: Round #1 | Question #1: So you’re Static huh?

:mag_right: Clue:

:star: Round #1 | Question #2: I suppose the name is “Business,” too?

:mag_right: Clue:

:star: Round #1 | Question #3: Plan… what? What… plan?

:mag_right: Clue:

:arrow_up: Remember to check out the SCOREBOARD to keep an eye on your score!

Hehe I’m so glad you’re excited! I am too! Took me a minute longer to get the computer fired back up than I’d expected (grr updates lol) but I’m sorry you had to wait the extra 12 min

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Do you fall under the PST or CST timezones where you get to see the questions a little early? Or are you EST like me @Reaganfan78?

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I’m in PST. Is it ok to do question backwards? I just found question 3.

Absolutely! if you know the answer go ahead and throw it out there! They don’t have to be in order

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