(Week 1)[Doom Patrol Club] Who's the most influential member of the group?

  • Robotman
  • Elasti-Girl
  • The Chief
  • Crazy Jane
  • Negative Man

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Welcome to the first post of the club! This one is a poll/discussion of who is the most influential member of the strange,weird and wonderful group! Who is the most influential in the group and throughout the comics and show? Let’s discuss! :robot::robot::robot:

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Considering just how deep he’s affected the lives of all the characters in the group, both on the show and in the comics, you kind of have to say The Chief.


That’s true

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I’ve got to go with the Chief. He brought them together, he directs their actions, the group acts for or against him. His influence may be negative at times but it’s always there


i went robotman. he’s the one character who’s survived all the comic’s permutations, and in the show, he brought something that was missing to the family that triggered a reaction so that all the other elements mixed and caught fire! i’m sorry i put this so badly, but i’m trying to chew gum at the same time

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I have to say the Chief because he little compassionate person but monster because he cost them their normal life

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