We Want Cavill as Superman.

As loyal fans we need to put pressure on DC to give us a Superman film with Cavill as KAL-EL.


That is one thing DC films have gotten right, the casting.

That is one thing DC films have gotten right, the casting.

He’s without a doubt my favorite live-action Superman.

I really think he is by far the best Superman on the big screen. You can change the tone without replacing the actor. Please, Warner Brothers give the people what they want.

I also don’t understand why they would allow this controversy to drop right when the Aquaman movie is around the corner. This does not help Aquaman succeed because there are going to be a number of people who will opt out, as a result, of the Universe no longer being stable. I just really hope Warner Brothers gives us some answers soon.


Hear hear. I wasn’t stoked at first about his casting but after I saw the film, he was the Man of Steel. Dean Cain was tremendous, so was Tom Welling. But as a movie actor, Henry Cavill was perfect.


I will protest if he isnt Superman

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I guess i look at it sort of like the fact that 100’s (1000’s?) of different artists and writers have handled Superman and so have numerous actors and directors. No one person can really lay claim. For whatever reason the movies didn’t do as well as WB/DC would have liked, and so they are shuffling up the formula. I’m interested in seeing what comes next. Maybe Nic Cage!!! Kidding

He is a fun Superman the writing around him hasn’t been the greatest but he can incorporate seriousness with humor we have seen it with Justice League. Yeah, I say he plays Superman well and probably one of the best to do it.

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