We should put Wally West back in Young Justice season 4

DC still need to do explain how the speeders get their power in the young justice universe so they should be back Wally West for that reason it will make explain it a lot easier!

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Also to bring back the amazing couple that is Artemis and Wally!


Leave Wally dead. He does more good for the team and Artimis dead than alive.


^ ouch lol

Dead should stay dead. Otherwise any character can die and be brought back. Death will mean nothing at that point.


Although I get where people are coming from when they say bringing him back would make death meaningless. However, I also feel like between the history of speedsters not staying dead and the fact that they have already teased the return of Jason Todd, that death is already not the end.

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Characters are never dead until you see the body

Wally is my favorite character and I refuse to accept that he is dead

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I think they should follow the comic line and bring him back where he takes over the mantle of the flash. Wally is my all time favorite ither than robin, plus Dick needs his best bro back!!!

Wally didn’t “Die”, and any longtime DC fan knows the difference between “lost in the speed force” and “Dead”.