We’re Jason Todd and Damian in Young Justice 3 Ep 6?

In the most recent episode of Young Justice when Nightwing and the others go to Infinity Island and find Ra’s Al Ghul with a old ninja who’s name idk and a mysterious red ninja.When the heroes leave the fight and Ra’s tells them that he’s not leading the league anymore we see Talia Al Ghul with a baby that is most likely Damian and when the red ninja tales of his Hood and says “Grayson” Ra’s says “Good your memory’s returning.” What does this mean is Jason Todd actually coming to YJ? If so tell me what you think about this.

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In season two, we actually see a hologram of jason among the fallen heros. The evidence for this is pretty strong. It’s pretty likely we see red hood pop up in the future, but nothing is set in stone.

I saw Damian and I was thinking that guy who said Grayson was maybe like a clone of dick but Jason would make more sense