We Need Your Opinions about the Music of Batman Movie Villains for an Upcoming Book!

Greetings! I am a college professor and currently doing research for a possible upcoming scholarly publication about the relationship between media and audiences. A specific portion of the research centers on how the music of selected Batman film villains impacted how audiences reacted to that villain. There is an online survey to participate in that shows you specific clips of Batman film villains and asks for your reaction (it takes about 20 minutes to complete). Since I can’t post links into topics, the link is in the reply comment. Thank you for participating in this research!

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EDIT: Adding the link to the survey…

Okay, we may need to nail down what you mean in each case. By “Joker’s Music” in B’89, do you mean “Waltz of Death”?

And is this “Penguin’s Music”?

I will make this post a wiki so that you can edit it and place in the musical cues you mean.

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Yes those two tracks work! Sorry, it said I couldn’t post links in my description, or else I would have linked to tracks. Thank you for helping to clarify!

I actually have a link to a survey I built online that I’m using with other participants. The survey online shows exact video clips and has boxes to type in your responses. But since it said I couldn’t add a link in my topic description, I thought I wouldn’t be able to link everyone to that exact online survey.


This is a Riddler specific piece from Batman Forever, and is the closest thing to a theme for him that has been released. It was composed by Elliot Goldenthal.

Two-Face’s theme