We need to talk about justice league unlimited

So this time I wanted to talk about Justice League Unlimited

Honestly I think for a kids show this one is underrated, other than Young justice I’ve never seen a kids show with much continuity.
I think that expanding to many characters from the DCU was a great idea (i loved those episodes with Question), it really opened up the show and I think they could’ve had a couple more seasons.

So what do you think?


I remember Justice League Unlimited from when I was younger, and it was one of my all-time favorite cartoons. It was always witty, cleverly written, and incredibly funny. Even going back to it years later, it holds up very well.


Justice League Unlimited is wonderful and was a success when it aired as Bruce Timm and company ended it by choice.

Had BT and company wanted to continue on, they would have introduced the concept of Earth 3 and the Crime Syndicate. This idea served as the basis for the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths movie.

JLU ran for two years, 2004-2006. Mattel’s Justice League Unlimited toyline ran for eight years from 2004 to 2012 due to how consistently popular it was with fans.


I’d thought CoTE was reworked from an unused script that was intended to bridge JL and JLU, hence the addition of extra League members leading up to the climax.

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I’d love to see a New justice League Series preferably something similar in tone to Young Justice.
I’d give my right arm to see a Justice League International A New Beginning Animated feature.
Now let me be clear here. I don’t want a slapstick wacky-fest with Justice Leaguers. I want what we got in the early days of the Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire run.
The Justice Leagues first seven issues involved a tense UN hostage situation, A trio of Anti-Nuke superheroes from another dimension, A rogue agent of the Lords of order going insane and attacking humanity from a small town in New Hampshire, a mysterious Billionaire manipulating events from outside and trying to get his own hand-picked heroes added to the team, A Satellite firing a deadly laser down on the world and so much more. Done correctly, Justice League International can be just as powerful and exciting as anything DC/WB has thrown at us and it can still have all the laugh out loud moments that made it the stand out era it was.

Justice League Unlimited is the best animated universe they ever made.

The only reason I am willing to leave it dead is because Supergirl is Kara In-Ze, and while that isn’t a problem in itself, I’m afraid they are going to Kara-wash the out-of-continuity Kara like they did with Matrix in the Death of Superman movie.

By the looks of JL vs Fatal Five, they might already have.

With the Kara-washing in the recent Krypton-series fresh in mind I am done and done with worlds where there is no Superfamily. I want a ri h world with both Kal and Kara. If I can have that again, then I’ll be the first in line to JLU revival. I have missed that universe.

Best cartoon hands down, the gave you characters from every corner of the universe, it led to research at the end of who was that and what’s their story. It also gave you team-ups you never knew you needed.


Some instances of JLU would be great. I loved how they were able to take non-trinity characters and give the their time in the spotlight. It think :thinking: t was useful for fans and gen-Pop alike. A great way to expand the DC universe.

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Justice League and its continuation Unlimited was anything but underrated when it came out and its initial run.

The show was insanely popular. It was spawned from B:TAS and Superman:TAS. I still remember before that show aired the crossover between Superman and Batman in Cartoon form. That was Cartoon Network or I think the WB (Its been awhile) biggest event. They advertised that event big time in commercials leading up to it.

Also that whole Bruce Timm Universe was the single greatest adaptation of the comic characters outside the comics to this day in my opinion.


I grew up on Justice League Unlimited and it’s related shows. I love those shows and they are the best versions of many characters in my opinion. It’s why my favorite character is Wally West and what eventually led to me loving all superhero related things including Marvel.

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For all you that are saying you grew up on this show, I’m glad to have people that watched it when they were younger (and still now)too, I thought I was the only one.

WhilE JLU is, IMO, far and away the best DCAU series. I think that whole universe was a touchstone moment for a lot of kids of that era. It was also at a time where you could vcr it if you couldn’t see it live and rewatch the recorded episodes again.

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Personally I thought Justice League and Justice League Unlimited were the best things on television at the time. These shows were instrumental in taking the characters from the niche of Children’s Television to mainstream. As Hollywood realized that the action, plot, dialogue, and fully developed characters kept adults coming back week after week, the JL versions became the template for the characters in live-action movies.

A good example: There was a time when Aquaman meant a blond, Beach Boys type person with a crew cut (he was often the butt of jokes on comedy shows). We first see a biker-looking Aquaman with attitude and an earring in Justice League S01 Ep06 “The Enemy Below” back in 2001. This is the version Jason Momoa takes to a billion dollar box office. No one’s laughing.


Possible Spoilers:

Got to be honest I cannot stand JLU. I think it was because I was growing up on JL and I loved everything from the animation style to the storyline. I loved how it wasn’t afraid to be a dark show. I think part of my dislike for JLU is because I feel JL should’ve been continued. There was soooo much potential there and instead they did a soft reboot into JLU. Now I will admit over time I can give JLU some credit where it is due. It had some pretty iconic episodes (Lex Luther switching bodies with the flash, When the Flash called out not getting enough screen time, and I could go on…), but it wasn’t like JL where I feel it was knocked out of the park every time. Also I really didn’t like the episode revolving around Terry finding out Bruce is his real dad (Interesting concept I just felt like it was executed poorly) . Again this is just my opinion I can respect that this show means a lot to many people, and understand it to a point, but honestly I was just whelmed with the show.

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From it’s triumphant music to it’s deep storylines, JLU has a lot to offer for both kids and adults alike. Very few shows can do this, and very few have. A trend I noticed is that short-lived tv shows around JL and JLU’s time period were often very profound in their deeper messages while also being a fun show to watch. The best example I can think of would be Nickelodeon’s “My Life as a Teenage Robot,” a show that handled sexism, racism, abuse of power, incels, fascism, and so much more. I miss the post-‘90s era of tv.

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HBO Max should revive Justice League Unlimited. Who agrees with me?


That would be really cool to see!!

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In my personal opinion everything that Bruce Timm was involved with in DC ended too soon. Batman the Animated series, Superman, Justice league and Justice League Unlimited. And Young Justice as well, if it is not coming back. And I have often asked why we only saw Batman and Superman in stand alone series. Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern or Flash would have been great as lone heroes.
I think the reason these series ended as they did is because Timm goes by the old adage, always leave them wanted more. And we are always left wanted so much more.




I agree with you. I liked JLU, but I liked JL even better. The original cast worked well together and I think it would have been better if other heroes made guest appearances now and then.