we need to talk about cw’s the flash

The flash is arguably one of the worst DC tv shows. Let’s look at the facts, if someone dies then they aren’t going to stay dead, if something happens to one person something happens to everything (such as giving everyone including the pregnant woman super powers), they have run out of ideas. They killed of both Barry Allen’s parents, they gave every scientist super powers as well.


I mean, I don’t think it’s terrible or the worst DC tv show (check out the original Shazam! series lol). It’s made for a different target demographic. It’s okay to not like it, but it’s obviously seen success with the group they were aiming for (and some or most fans as well); otherwise it wouldn’t still be going as strong as it is. It’s like saying Teen Titans GO! is a bad show. The target demographic wasn’t the hardcore DC fans, it was the young kiddos lol. And they love it! So let them. We have Young Justice, Titans, and the original series to enjoy lol.


For pretty much every episode but 2 his mom is dead and that was the entire premise of flashpoint.

Let’s see Ronnie Raymond, still dead. Martin Stein, still dead. Henry Allen, still dead. Wally west, never dead. Iris West Allan dead in a possible future timeline, never actually dead.

You don’t like the show, cool. But, it’s success speaks for itself. You may not be their target demographic, you don’t like it, don’t watch it. I’m sure they won’t miss your eyeballs as I doubt you’ve watched much of it anyway. Given you don’t seem to be aware of who’s alive and dead, and unfamiliar with the entire flashpoint concept.

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There’s no need to be nasty @Desade. I said the same thing as you. But it’s okay to disagree with someone. OP is totally allowed to have their opinion. Maybe instead of being accusatory and antagonistic, myself included, we could promote a more healthy discussion of questioning and understand. OP, would you care to respond to anything said?


While Cecile getting powers was a plot device, anyone familiar with the names of the scientists knew that sooner or later they’d get their powers.


My one and only problem with the Flash is Barry being a dumb jerk. I liked Cecile getting powers! It gave the actress a chance to be funny, and I think she’s really good at it.


What sickens me is that the supposed love story between Barry and his comic love interest is tainted by them being raised as siblings, they even had her call him her brother seasons ago. The more interesting love story should’ve been between Barry and Caitlin Snow, they would make such a power couple.

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I’m tired of the season “big bad” narrative. How about a return to the “villain of the week”?


I just miss the Rogues, kind of like what @baseballmaniac said. I still love the show dearly (even though I’m painfully aware of the flaws), but it really feels like they’re missing out on one of the best parts of the Flash, and really superheroes in general. I’m sure some of it has to do with getting actors to return, and I’m sure there’s only so many stories they could come up with, but it would still be nice to see at least a semi-frequent appearance by a few Rogues (Mirror Master, Top, Weather Wizard etc.)


OP’s argument sounds like a case for Flash being one of the best adaptations of comic books to me. Nobody stays dead? In a comic story? Shocking! Everybody ends up with superpowers? Outrageous! Parental figures killed? Unthinkable.

Next you’ll be telling me that they dress up in colorful costumes and solve all their problems with violence. Flash doesn’t run in every episode, does he? That would be too predictable.

Yeah, but just because something’s a regular in the comics doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right. While I don’t agree that the show is bad overall, I think that it’s fair to say that because people don’t stay dead, rarely are there ever stakes for the characters. It makes it harder to worry for Barry or anyone when you know, at the end of the day, it’ll all be okay. At the very least, when someone dies they should stay dead for more than half a season. Maybe that’s more of a critique for comics overall rather than the show itself.

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My personal opinion is that the show should be cancelled. Season 1 and 2 were some of the best seasons I’ve ever seen on Superhero TV, but ever since it’s just been a cringe fest. I feel like it would serve the character justice to just give the show one more season, give the last season 10-12 episodes so it will be focused, then cancel and end the show. I feel like it would be much better to then have a Flash series on this service starring Wally West or Jay Garrick.

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Nora Allen Died in the series pilot and has pretty much stayed worm-food throughout Barry’s life. the only times we’ve seen her since has been as part of a flashback, a time travel story or as a manifestation of the Speed Force.
Henry Allen died at the end of season two and has stayed dead since… However, since John Wesley Shipp is still alive and well, he can always come back (and is more than welcome to imho) as either Jay Garrick, 90s Barry or maybe even Earth 2 Henry.
Granted there’s no reason for a post-season oneTom Kavanaugh/Eobard Thawne to be running around after he was erased from existence. The truth is we should only ever get a Matthew Letscher Eobard Thawne except in stories where Barry goes back to year one for one reason or another. (but then we have to chalk that up to “time travel is tricky”…(and actor availability.)
The only CW show that seems to be resurrecting characters on a regular basis is ARROW Sara was resurrected in time to be part of the Legends (whereas Laurel was killed off permanently and eventually replaced by her Earth 2 Doppelgänger. However Tommy Merlyn and Moira Queen seem to be returning for the duration of the next season for some odd-ball reason (unless this is just another dream sequence fake-out.)

The post fell within the community guidelines.

I will stand by my opinion that the post was not insulating. Certainly you disagree. I can understand that is your opinion and I disagree with it.

I listed the people who, with the exception of Barry’s mom, are either still dead, or never died. To post inaccurate information and counter with accurate information is “nasty”, I believe we have two very different definitions of the word. Someone who totally ignores the premise of flashpoint and is spouting disinformation does strike me as someone not very familiar with the show.
(It should be noted I did not take issue with the pregnant woman developing powers. That is a true statement by the OP.) The OP’s evidence as to deaths does not stack up.

As for eyeballs, that is simply a statement of fact. Anyone who is “hate watching” the show is of no benefit to the advertisers (the people who’s dollars pay for the shows production costs), People already in a negative view of the show are far more likely to view advertisers products negatively as well. This does not benefit the advertisers.

Shows are about making money. They don’t make money, they don’t get renewed. Can you say Swamp Thing? Some think it was a great show, but it lost 10’s of millions of dollars. No matter how “great” it might have been, it was a very large financial flop, so bye-bye Swamp Thing. That isn’t an argument that someone’s personal opinion of the show is “wrong”. It’s just a statement of fact.

Being inclusive does not mean that strong arguments need to be avoided. In fact, I strongly believe it is of benefit to the community. The best way to understand another’s point of view is through strong debate and the information as to why.

Take the “Who is your favorite Flash” thread. The most interesting posts, IMO, are those those that give reasons why. It gives a glimpse into how they feel about a character and why that view is important to them.

Hopefully you have not found this post “nasty”. If you have, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. Just as I am entitled to mine. I am not denying your opinion of my post, merely pointing out that we have different points of view on the topic and defending my position.


Hey @Desade my issue with your post was by no means your opinion. I love the show and agree with your opinion on my it’s good for the most part. Whether or not it’s your intent, what I was trying to say was that you came across as rude. Acknowledging that it’s super cliche and said by every parent ever, it’s not what you say it’s how you say it. Once again, I’m sure it wasn’t your intent, but you came across as rude and accusatory to me and some others. And I acknowledge that my word choice in “nasty” may not have reflected this. Feel free to dm me through discord (I’m on the book club server) if you would like to continue talking about this as I don’t want to spam this thread with off topic issues. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I will say that having Tom Cavanagh playing a new Wells each year is a little Soap Opera-ish, but I’d also consider him to be one of the best parts of the show. Each Wells is a pretty unique character and shows his range really well.

And as to what @BatWatch said, well, maybe that doesn’t make it one of the best comic adaptions, but certainly one of the more accurate ones. Characters die and then come back all the time and/or are replaced by a multiversal duplicate all the time, for better or worse. And really, how many characters have come back? I don’t think any of them have just straight up come back from the dead, and only Henry Allen and Wells have been replaced by doppelgängers. I guess there was the whole Reverse Flash thing in Legends and then Crisis on Earth X, but that can really just be thrown into the pile of “It happened because, uh, time travel!” which is a pretty big pile at this point (Crispin Glover turning into Jeffrey Weissman goes there, too.).

And there are plenty of characters without powers (Joe, Iris, all the Wells’). And every character that has powers (except for Cecile) has powers traditionally. Besides, I’m pretty sure no one in a comic book world has the name Snow without getting ice powers at some point.

I’m not trying to say disliking the show is wrong. I totally understand. Half the time I’m watching it I’m just (lovingly) picking on it (the show’s kind of like an old friend like that, I guess). But I did want to throw in a few extra counterpoints/add on to what others said.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my Eggbaby needs to be fed.


I would concur. Arrow is far more guilty of bringing back characters from the dead. Jason Todd does seem to have changed the capabilities of the Lazerus pits for all time.

Bringing back actors to play other roles, especially in a multiverse environment makes sense, especially when those actors have a history with previous versions of the show. I am glad to see it.

Yes the have used the earth one Thawne a few times, but only in brief periods of time and set up how he “escaped” at the end of season 1, and let’s face it, Reverse Flash is two great a character to throw away after a season.so in classic comic book fashion the “brought him back” by Ret-conning that he never actually quite died. I think they will, via the timeline/multiverse changes in the upcoming COIE bring her back either from a change in the timeline or from a different earth. But, we shall see. It was the great advantage of the original COIE, they were able to kill off characters and bring some “dead” ones back. That was the beauty and the difficulty in doing Crisis for the first time. Making those changes and realigning the DCU. Credit to Marv Wolfman, that while COIE is not perfect, it was a valiant and reasonably successful, groundbreaking attempt to do what had never been done before.

Bring her back is Excess/Nora Allen.
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I totally agree I completely knew Kaitlyn would be getting powers, that being said, iris did have powers at one point

@Abb, that’s right! I forgot about the Iris episode! That… was not a great one. But that was still more of a one off episode at least. Your point is definitely valid though