we need to see more golden age comics

comics like:
Shazam (1938-1955)
Blue Beetle (1938-1955)
Whiz Comics (1938-1955)
Flash Comics (1938-1955)
Green Lantern Quarterly (1942-1955)
Green Lantern (1942-1955)
Golden Arrow (1942-1955)
and other fawcett comics ownd by dc comes should release on DCU


Hi @dcunlimited. As announced a WonderCon, all digitized DC comics will be coming to the service. This is over 20,000 titles. :slight_smile:


In addition to what Puddin said, it’s important to realize just how much time it takes to digitize old books. As I’ve watched DC digitize their comics over the years, they’re pretty darn good at hitting a few Golden Age books at least once a month.

If you scroll down to ‘New And Noteworthy’ on the DC Comics app, you’ll usually see the most recent additions - this week (4/4) seems to hold 8 new titles, from the silver and bronze ages - issues of Detective, Challengers of the Unknown and Teen Titans. Even if they add 8, 10, 12 old books a week (in addition to the dozen or so new weekly titles), it’s going to take a long while to get to the thousands of comics in DC’s back catalog.

Be patient. They’re building it, slowly and steadily.