We need to get spoiler a solo book!

Stephanie Brown aka spoiler is one of the most under used and under rated Characters in the batfamily and as far as I’m aware She Hasn’t Had her name on a book since the 90s And I think that should change


Yes please, I know Steph gets a batgirl comic series, but I definitely want to see more of Spoiler.


First of all welcome to the community @Bluedot72. Secondly, I’m just posting as one would sign a petition. You never know who’s looking in? I love Spoiler (& Stephanie Brown in general ) so absolutely would support a solo title.


If they chucked her new origin and kept Tynion far, far away from such a title, I might check it out.

What he said.

Her origin story is tired and dated. I recently read her intro and early appearances in Robin solo. They would never change it cause it would alter Tim Drake’s relationship with her. Either way she’s like so many other good characters. She’s got a very niche fan base.