We need Smallville back! πŸ˜‚

Smallville need to be on here



It will be as soon as the rights expire that Hulu purchased.

I have hulu and recently rewatched it all. Also own the entire series on dvd/bd. Hope to someday rewatch it in 4k. Legendary show!

I would love to see smallville on this. And would it be possible to get every comic issue of smallville season 11 on here as well?


Can we get a CONTINUATION of Smallville season 11 comic on here should be the question.

I miss that universe

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I did not know smallville was on Hulu… All this time?!! I have all 10 seasons but still… On Hulu! I didn’t even know that.

RIP Jet Jackson aka Cyborg.

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Man I love Smallville

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