We need more content

This is my trial and so far i think i will cancel it. There is barley anything to watch. I would love to watch batman vs superman the extended edition!

If you like to read, there’s tons of comics to choose from, Each week they are adding new comic books to read, March is just around the corner, who knows what they might add. I’m sorry to see you wanted to cancel your subscription.

There is Young Justice.
Green Lantern Animated Series.
Reign of the Supermen.
Season 1 of Constantine. And thousands of comics to read. You should probably look into these before you consider stepping out.

I’d be sorry to see you go.
I know they’re in the process of adding content, but if you don’t feel like this app is for you then it is what it is. Maybe check back later in the year and see if it’s better suited to your tastes then :slight_smile:
In any case, whether you stay or go, best wishes to you :slight_smile:

Are you dumb titans young justice and doom patrol with swamp thing and.everything else coming just wait more people join more and better content they will give us

Other then the DCEU movies and the currently running DC shows (and Krypton is coming) they have almost every live action DC show out there. They have everything but Shazam, Isis, Batman '66, Swamp Thing, the original Human Target, Powerless, and Smallville. Even the animated series they have most of the big ones. Yeah, I get some were hoping for the DCUE, CW Shows, Gotham and hell maybe Luther and iZombie. But even then how much is that really? There just isn’t much out there, even the animated tv series they have most of the big ones. I mean again, if the “older stuff” isn’t someones cup of tea and the new shows aren’t enough then can’t argue it might not be for them. But even if DC had every TV show and movie they made, the truth is that would still be a relatively small library. It’s not like this is asking Netflix prices.

I’m sorry you were displeased with the amount of content available, @Jexro :confused: thank you, though, for making us aware of what you’d be interested in having added. Please do let us know what other titles you might like, as we’re always interested in hearing what the community would prefer seeing.


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The extended edition in my opinion is the more coherent and better film. I would rather watch new exclusive quality TV Shows based in the DCU that you literally can only see here.

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…to cancel your subscription because they don’t have the lack luster film that most of us didn’t like that well to begin with is laughable. Buy the physical copy of BVS and own it.

Barely anything to watch lol?

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