We need Heroes In Crisis comic series on here, ASAP!

I’ve been hearing a bit about the Heroes in Crisis comics and I mean, I really want to read it for free (Or with my subscription here, of course)

Anyways, if not here then where are people reading them? Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance!

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I’ve been reading it on Comixology (buying each issue). I think it’s been an interesting story, well worth the read, and if nothing else the art has been worth the price of admission. At one point a few of the issues were marked down to $2 or so when I was trying to catch up so maybe they’ll do the same now that the finale is less than a week away?

The first issue should be here in about four months.

As for if it’s good or not, the last issue will either make it a hit or a flop.

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All I know is I saw a cover of Superman breaking up a fight between Harley Quinn and Booster Gold… I have been waiting for that scene my whole life.

You’ve got a decent wait until the whole thing is on here (a year from next week in fact).

Spend the scratch and check the book out for yourself. Then your curiosity itch will be scratched =)