We need a Dr Fate comic book series

Underrated character. Love him in Young Justice Show


Do you mean a new series? He’s had a variety of books over the years.

He is underrated. One of my favorite mystical characters.

Yeah a new series

I thought as much. Have you read the most recent series of his in the Comics section? It’s not the traditional iteration of Fate but it’s interesting.

Have you seen the episodes of STAS and JLU he’s in?

I agree with you there. Dr. Fate needs a new series.

@Vroom: I loved that recent Dr. Fate series even though it wasn’t the traditional iteration of Fate. I really wish there was some way to have both a traditional Dr. Fate book and one with this newer iteration of the character because I would buy the heck out of both books.

Yes I agree as well as a spectre series

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We so need dr fate to be part of jl dark, as well as have his own series.