We interview Ryan Potter, AKA Beast Boy!

This article on Ryan Potter (Beast Boy of Titans) made me appreciate his character even more. The way he relates to Gar, and how much Teen Titans helped him personally when he moved to America from Japan, is really touching.

You can find the article in our News section, or follow the link below:


Ryan Potter is crushing Beast Boy, he is doing perfectly imo.

Ryan Potter is soo sexy. Would love to see more naked Beast Boy. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I can relate to beast boy as in a sense of humor, and I like the character because he just makes people smile and considering people like death stroke trying to attack the Teen Titans all the time, laughter is pretty scarce, Rock On Beast Boy!

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Ryan Potter is essentially what Beast Boy should be and no one will ever replace his portrayal as the character. Phenomenal.