We have the Bat Family in YJ, now let’s have the Superman family!

Only two members are in YJ. And Superman barely does anything in the show. So only one member. Let’s have more!


I fully agree! I haven’t seen a Supergirl or Power Girl appearance in any of the 3 seasons so far, and it would be interesting, but i wonder if they would worry that overshadowing of series regulars might occur. What would be really cool would be Jonathan Kent Superboy guesting some time. I think enough time has passed in the timeline that he might exist by now, and it would be really fun 2 see if they would have a brother dynamic of some sort going on, or it there would be weird baggage due 2 the weirdness that once existed between Kal and Connor…

Well, it seems like Conner is starting his own Superman family…

Absolutely. I want Kara and Jon.

I’m down for the Supes’ family!

Since this season is YJ: Outsiders and they have Roy/Arsenal and apparently Jason now, I’m wondering if next season or after that they might do YJ: Outlaws. Maybe introduce Starfire or if there is another time jump, Artemis (Amazon) and Bizarro (might be confusing to have two Artemises. Or better yet, an Outlaw spin off.

I think Greg Weisman confirmed on his website that they will eventually get to supergirl. Although, he has changed his mind before.

It’d be a long time before they could do Jon, since he’s the son of Earth-1 Superman and all

I’d love for Supergirl to eventually show up. That would be great!