We have it pretty good

It is mind boggling the number of comics we have available at our fingertips. When I bought physical copies of comics when I was a kid, I had maybe 1,000 ( I don’t have any of them now ). On this service alone we have access to well over 20,000 for the price of around 20 comics if I bought them at the comic book store. I figured I have read around 500 comics since the service debuted, which works out to around 14 cents per comic so far. Sure, we don’t get physical copies, but I don’t see that as a negative. No need to store them and I always have digital access through my phone. 40 years ago I never would have dreamed this would be possible.
It’s funny, because I originally subscribed because of the original content ( Titans, Doom Patrol, etc.). I loved both series and now pretty much view them as a bonus.


This makes us super happy, @Bullcan. Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:


Not to take anything away from Belinda Carlisle, but to paraphrase her: DCU is a heaven on Earth.


I wish I could go back in time and show my younger self this. He would freak at all the comics he could read and I know he would love all the shows and movies. It really is a treasure trove of content.


I must’ve read more than a thousand by this point, or at least I’m getting there.

The per-issue cost is somewhere between seven and eight cents at this point. That’s, like, Golden Age prices, and I still have several months left on my subscription, not to mention the shows and movies I wouldn’t have otherwise had access to.

I’m not sure how good this service is if you don’t read comics, but if you do, the price value is insane.


For me it’s about the stories and loving the universe DC has built, not about collecting physical copies. As long as DCU is around so am I.
Natjamags I want a good count of how many I’ve read. Averaging at least 2, probably more like 3-4, a day since the start. Had to remind myself to read other stuff so bought a new Revolutionary War history book.


I recently subscribed because of the change in the current comics catalog. I’m devouring this! Loving it and can’t get enough. Anything I find I truly love I’ll be purchasing in physical format via graphic novels! Can’t give up the physical game yet. I’m just enjoying the access to so much material. I’m like a kid in a candy store…my damn heads spinning…comics! Lol


agreed and I think it’s pretty obvious that since such an investment has been made to have us enjoy all these cokics that the comics are going to be the tail that wags the dog for the next year

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Agree, I have not had time to read as much on here as I would like to, but I still have MORE then gotten my money’s worth. That was more or less true even from the start when the selection was less impressive. but now the comics alone make this worth the service. And full of great originals and past shows that I can almost watch any episode of and enjoy myself… this is definitely the best 8 bucks a month I spend.