We deserve answers on why Swamp Thing got cancelled

Why did Swamp Thing get cancelled?

We deserve a heads up if something is going to happen to our Streaming service.

This whole service is supposed to be about the fans and I really feel like we’re not a priority right now.


Are the fans willing to make up the $19 million dollar difference? Should we pass the hat? A GoFundMe Page?


It’s not like it was ever confirmed for a second season. So it’s not like anything is actually changing. We just know we’re not getting a second season now. Now I could be wrong (it’s not like I work at WB or anything), but, as I understand it, WB was promised some tax breaks or something but they were given less than expected. And not a small amount. Millions. A company can’t continue a show after that. They lost too much already.

I would donate to go fund me if dc did that lmao. It would show how dedicated a lot of these fans are

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Being canceled is different than not being renewed. We usually don’t know a second season is coming before finishing the first. Season 2 is never a guarantee

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Copy/pasting for mercy on my fingers!

We have posted an official response here in Watchtower:

In the interest of organization and to keep frequently asked questions visible in a single source of truth, please post any further concerns or questions you have in the above thread.

Thanks :slight_smile: