We Are Robin

Come on DC if you aren’t going to give me an animated or lie action We Are Robin series, at least post the comics!


Unfortunately, nothing is leaving or being added to the comics section until 2019 the earliest, hopefully that series will make an appearance than. I was actually this close to buying it during the ComiXology sale, but my bank account was already suffering.

You said 2019 the earliest, I would hope that they wouldn’t take until 2020 to add more comics. lol.

Seriously, fans complained about their cycling stuff out. While it was mostly the stuff like New Teen Titans, Long Halloween etc. and the rest were staying, it upset fans so I respect they are leaving it the same until they find a plan more agree with. But I hope they figure something out soon, I don’t expect everything but while I get unlike me most didn’t like them just adding high profile stuff for a limited time and keeping less prominent stuff longer (given we are clearly not getting the entire library I thought it was a decent if not perfect compromise) it seems most would rather they leave it as is then cycle stuff in and out even if it is a small number. But I really hope they find a line between adding nothing and adding everything.