We Are Probably Getting a New Grant Morrison Superman Story Soon

Amazon is an amazing thing – not only can you get so many things delivered right to your door, but sometimes they inadvertently leak things that haven’t been announced yet.

Such is the case for Superman & The Authority, which will be written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Mikel Janin, which will be a two-issue mini-series, and since the page also lists the book having 136 pages, this will likely be a large, prestige mini, likely 60-ish pages each. This hardcover is apparently slated to release on November 16th (a couple days before my birthday, sweet!). Oh, and there’s already a really sweet cover.

And…that’s all we know about it right now. But honestly, you tell me Grant Morrison, Superman, and The Authority and I’m just like –


Yes, yes, yes!

My only concern is that with a mere 136 pages, Grant won’t have enough time to make it hopelessly confusing for a while. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah. I don’t know what it is. After The Green Lantern, I had sworn off Morrison (I understood about half of that series… my intelligence just isn’t there), but I know for a fact I will be getting this. Maybe it will be as straightforward as his other famous Superman work?


I’ve grown to expect and appreciate his bizarre narrative style. I even preferred his run on Action Comics over All-Star Superman.


Funny. That and the New 52 Superman series were my introduction to comics. Didn’t know any of the writers or artists back then. Don’t quite remember the narratives, but I don’t recall utter confusion either.


I wasn’t looking forward to this as a new monthly. I’m even less excited as a one shot. As much of an Authority fan as I am, superman is the big draw here.

Either Big Blue is going to clean up Midnighter and Apollo by stopping the killing or he will be corrupted by their way of doing things. I know which I think will happen.

Best I’m hoping for is a Jenny Quantum, Engineer, Hawksmoor, or Swift sighting when it comes to DCUI.


So much for him retiring from Detective Comics.

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Looking forward to and dreading at the same time. Will what till there’s some feedback on it before I would buy

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Same, except you can stop at ‘Grant Morrison and Superman’. That’s all I need.


I’m with you @TheTerrificToyman. If Grant Morrison is writing Superman, I’m in. I also think Mikel Janin is a top notch artist so that’s a huge plus.

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I was super excited for Grant Morrison on Green Lantern, but I still haven’t really been able to get into it or understand it. I read the first season, I think I’ll go back and read the whole thing again once it’s all available here, hopefully it’ll be more understandable to me then.
I did love All-Star Superman, though, so hopefully this is a worthy successor. :superman:

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Good to know I’m not alone :slightly_smiling_face:.

I loved the art, but I just had a hard time following what was going on month to month. I feel like if I sat down and read the whole thing over one weekend it would make more sense to me.

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This could go several different ways. I hope it’s not too dark. Still, one thing is sure. Whichever way it goes, I’ll find out firsthand!

“Superman”+“The Authority” are two exceptional tastes that should go together fantastically.

Someone on YouTube thinks the November date for the trade is incorrect (and that the series will be 5 issues), but I’m leaning towards Amazon’s info being correct. With a two-issue mini in the summer, November would be the right time for the collection to arrive.