We are all fans here

As fans we all have are own favorites ,dislikes and opinions my dislikes and opinions is their is way too many comics and not enough to watch on here I get the legal stuff is difficult and complicated but this is the DC universe app and its only right if it’s DC its found here krypton disappeared ( I was just getting into it too ) cw shows so so so many movies ( unseen on any other streaming services ) all I was wondering is are you going to try n work something out or just keep grabbing new upcoming stuff and not even try for what’s already out there and not available on any other streaming services

Krypton is still HERE

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This is mainly a comic reading platform, the problem is, that’s advertise as streaming platform mainly and when you subscribe you are expecting to watch everything DC and I understand that.

Personally i’m very happy with the service, subscribe at the moment for marvel unlimited, comixology unlimited and this. This is the best of all of them if you are like me and prefer using internet browser to read comic. At first i complain about the comic image quality on browser, but after trying the other two browser experience i learn to appreciate this one like 100% more.

In conclusion, I understand wanting to have all of DC in one platform, trust me, that would be the dream (I can live without the cw shows :P) but with only 8 dollars a month you get a lot in here.


You miss understand we have 1 season here ( my point of view cable is not worth the price to flip through channels ) we had a tease of season 2 now nothing what happened?

If this was a platform based around only comics I never would have signed up the shows and movies are what I enjoy I don’t read very often and there for I’m not here for the comics

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Oh, right when they had the first episode for a limited time. I forgot about that. I think they might get season two on here soon. I haven’t seen the season show up on any other streaming service.

It’s on syfi app I was keeping track of other shows for Netflix release on there and I ran across it on there cw signed with Netflix left hulu with that signing but I don’t think it would prevent them from singing something with DC universe titans is available on Netflix in UK and other places so maybe something can be done there

Krypton is on SyFy’s website app because that’s the channel it airs on. Not all of the episodes are available though. As far as I know, Krypton season 2 is not on any other streaming service.

Cw has episodes diaper too can’t watch full season but latest 6 or so episodes