WB Streaming Service

How do you guys think the WB Streaming Service will affect DCUniverse? Will you guys subscribe to it? What Tv series would you like them to make?

If I recall correctly, it is just an expensive version of HBO. Nothing related to DC Comics.

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For the limited information we have about it right now I would say no. I certainly hope that they don’t plan on rolling this service into that one. For one they probably wouldn’t bring the readable comics into it and for another I just have no interest what-so-ever in HBO or any of it’s programing. Also they are saying that it will be pricer than a month of HBO, which is already expensive. I’m way more likely to just to get the Disney Service that is comming out, if they do that to us.

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I wouldn’t mind a scooby doo show. But no, I don’t want a wb streaming app

I think this will merge with it

I am hoping only the TV/Movie portion goes to WB and this becomes more of the comics section. I don’t know if the WB app would have the comics, so this could become that exclusively. It will be interesting to see how it goes, since WB is the parent company and pretty much can tell DC what to do. We will see how that plays into all this.

DCU will probably be:

  1. A seperate service you can pay for if you only want it and nothing from the other deal.

B. An add-on option if you do want it with the other deal.

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DC streaming service will be separate. But I think the WB streaming service could also be good if they add original content like a Live Action or animated Harry Potter world series, Lords of the Ring Series, Scooby Doo, Mortal Kombat, Matrix and more. Warner Bros own the rights to a lot of properties

FYI Amazon is already developing a Lord of the Rings TV show

Warner Media CEO, John Stankey, spoke about the service at a Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit back in October. The service will be fronted by HBO and will incorporate content from other Warner Media brands (i.e. TNT, TBS, WB Entertainment, et. al.) bundled around that service. The cost will be more expensive than the current HBO Now service, which is currently $15 a month (see https://www.google.com/amp/s/variety.com/2018/biz/news/warnermedia-direct-to-consumer-streaming-service-john-stankey-1202975598/amp/). I doubt that the DCUSS will be going away since it targets a smaller market of fans of the DC Universe and it is also a platform for original DC content. Although the price point is more expensive than other streaming services, it is competitive with cable television and may serve as a rival alternative.