WB Montreal finally tweets

wb Montreal the devs of Arkham origins have finally tweeted after 4 years! A new Batman game is finally coming within 2020 probaly. What do you think about this?




I will believe when the launch a trailer.

Side note. Can we have another batman beyond video game? The variance in predator missions (if they take after the Arkham series) would be awesome!


I’ve hear a lot and can’t wait for some kind of or any kind of announcement.
Form what I’ve seen it might be Court of Owls or League of Shadows/Assassins. Or maybe both.

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Scott Snyder quoted that tweet and used #bewarethecourtofowls and later deleted the tweet. There’s a quick article on IGN about it


Why do people post things when they know they shouldn’t.

They do it on purpose to create buzz, and get us talking about it, Behemoth. It’s all marketing.

They’ve been teasing this forever now. By the time they actually make an announcement, Batman Beyond will just be Batman!

Of course, I’m super excited, so maybe it’s working.


@TornadoSoup, I just gave me an idea, Imagine a Batman beyond game!!! With the 2019 graphics and Arkham style gameplay, it would be stellar!!

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There is a rumor the game will be revealed at the ps thing on Tuesday.