WB Doesn't Know What They're Doing w/ Their Films

They got rid of Henry Cavill as Superman for a supergirl film? What sense does that make? Just reset the whole thing and let Paul Dini run it. I’m tired of DC/WB making films and then screwing up.


Now we know why they are no good getting rid of Henry Cavill no wonder the competition is so much better

Cavill’s agent said he’s not done. The news is lying.

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STOP! YOU’RE GIVING RUMORS FUEL TO SPREAD! nothing has been confirmed for heaven’s sake


I have higher hopes now that Walter Hamada is in charge instead of Zack Snyder.

But a we’ve seen of his era of DC films are two trailers, so we just have to wait and see.

But after comic con I feel more confident in DC’s future.

Agreed. But the problem isn’t DC, it’s Warner Brothers. If the DCEU had a proper Feige analog who wasnt Synder these problems wouldn’t exist. Geoff Johns should have been granted more authority

They’re basically in panic mode after Justice League flopped. They are listening to the haters. In reality the worst thing about Justice League was what Joss Whedon did to it. Release the Snyder cut!!


They just need to reboot everything. Snyder is a pretty bad director and it shows. He’s the reason this franchise is a mess and they need a fresh start without him.