Way to good a deal

Just saw the announcement on the expanded comic library. This app was already my favorite. And now ? I am blown away. I hate to say it but we are not charged enough. Thanks DC!


Its just a shame some people cant realize how far this app has gone and have to hate on it but I’m 100% with you were undercharged for this app but thats what makes it great were privelaged with this great app for a great price. If you want i made a thread in the suggestions and feedback thanking the mods for their hard work I would like for the community to show them the love and let them know your thoughts

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“I hate to say it but we are not charged enough” - While I agree that DCU was still a good value before the full digital library announcement, I know one of the main complaints about the service was the lack of comic books. People are always gonna compare it to Marvel Unlimited. And for people who aren’t interested in the original shows or other content, they subscribed for the comics. It’s an amazing value, and I don’t think prices should be raised on us, as that’d make it less amazing.


When this service first launched the comic selection was horrible and then in the middle of reading a series they would pull it. I think that is what got them a lot of complaints. Now they have a good selection and don’t seem to be pulling them like before. I stayed a member because I am a huge dc fan and wanted this service to grow and the titans was a good show. Now I am glad i stayed because the comics portion is much better and i am able to catch up were i left off on a bunch of my favorite series.