Well. The Watchmen premiered tonight. And I have to say, it was fantastic. I can’t wait to see where this show goes. And Regina King was so great tonight… can’t wait to see more of her character. This show is another win for DC!


I’m definitely going to be making sure to watch it as it airs. I loved how it invoked a lot of current-day events and fears, while still feeling like a strange, unique alternate-history world.

Also, for those wondering, the events seen in the first few minutes of the pilot…that was a real thing, I just found out after some Googling. Look up “The Black Wall Street Massacre.”


I know right? I found a lot of the story relevant to life today. The phrase “unique alternate-history world” is like the perfect description.

I was also shook that it started with the Tulsa Race Riot. I’ve learned about it before but seeing it on a DC show caught me off guard. They did justice to it.


Yeah, it’s very possible I was taught it before in school, but it’s an event you really don’t hear much of. When I first saw it and the planes flying overhead I first thought they were exaggerating previous events to make it feel bigger and more tragic, but turns out I was wrong.

And really, “unique alternate-history world” is part of what made the comic so compelling. It really makes me glad that they didn’t just make a straight adaptation of the original material, but building on top of it instead.


Question, why cant I find the actual Watchmen comic on DC Universe? I wanted to reread it after watching the first episode of the new show and its no where to be found? Why? I distinctly remember it being here, no?


Unfortunately, no Watchmen comic series here on the app. Idk if it ever was on the app? It is I believe like $4.99 on Kindle/Comixiology tho if you were looking for another way to read it.

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Unfortunately no, we don’t have it on DC Universe :frowning: We only have a small handful of Vertigo titles to support the exclusive Originals. We do, however, have the following:

*Doomsday Clock

Hope this helps!


I believe another component of it was that DC wanted to keep off the app books that were still selling extremely well in trades, out of potential worry that they would lose profit over it. That’s why books like Batman: White Knight and Tom King/Mitch Geralds’ Mister Miracle isn’t on here either.


I LOVED the pilot episode. It’s shaping to be a great TV series for DC.


I loved it. I don’t see any other DC TV show topping it this week.

It’s rare that you get a show with this much talent and love in it. I know Alan Moore hates adaptations (especially with Watchmen), but I think this show earned its name and a place in the comic’s lore. There is just so much respect in it. And I agree with everyone, the commentary was phenomenal. I am so excited for what’s to come.

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Is this thread a safe space for spoilers?

I would guess since @spaccio1150 didn’t mark it as a spoiler thread.

I figured. I was going to mention a deal with the thing, but I didn’t want to mess a make if they’re not allowed.

Who watches the watchmen? This guy.


I didn’t catch it. But now I’m excited!

We have the doomsday clock but no watchmen comic. If you want to read it buy it. Its really cheap for the whole story

I mean, I don’t know about “cheap”. It’s still about 40 bucks for a trade paperback. Most people just don’t have that kind of money to spare. The only reason I even own Watchmen was because it was gifted to me.

Physically it can be a bit expensive, sure (though it can be somewhat mitigated buying it from a digital marketplace ala Amazon or InStockTrades), but it is currently on sale on Comixology for about five dollars until the end of the month.

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Good to know! Thanks for letting me know. Sorry for my ignorance. :slight_smile: