Watchmen Wins Peabody Award!

One million percent deserved, especially when you consider just how prescient some of its topics and imagery are right now.


Thought it was a excellent movie

I’m not familiar with the comic, but I really enjoyed the series. Happy for the cast and crew, and looking forward to season 2.

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I don’t think they’re making a season 2 at this point, look it up if you want more details :frowning_face:

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The HBO series, not the movie.

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I completely agree! I’m still hoping they do a 2nd season.

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Well deserved great series

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Fantastic show. Sounds like it might not happen, but hoping for a 2nd season! :crossed_fingers:

IIRC, the show runner said that the story which was intended to be told was completely told. I would prefer that there be no second season.

Really glad I watched it this weekend! Had a few quibbles with the ending, but the Hooded Justice episode was brilliant!