Watchmen Tales of the Black Freighter

I would love it if they actually made a replica print of this comic

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Haven’t seen it yet. But Netflix I think has an animated tale of the black freighter. A motion comic watchmen and Zack Snyder’s watchmen. All available now. I think I haven’t checked Netflix out in a while.

when will Netflix get the black freightee

The motion comic should be on here. Just do a watchman search.

Tales of the black freighter also.

I watched it on fire stick a while back. It’s great. Working my way thru reading it, it’s definitely lengthy but all the better imo.

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Sorry I spouted off without knowing what I was talking about. The animated tales of the black freighter and the motion comic of watchmen are on here not Netflix.

You’re fine. I’ve been advocating The Outsiders 2011 as a great follow up read to Batman & the Outsiders all over the place & its 2003 lol.