Watchmen Prequels

I know there are a series of prequel series that focus on fleshing out each Watchmen member, the group Minutemen, etc. Are they worth the read? I absolutely LOVE the graphic novel and I highly enjoy the movie, so I’m curious.

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I have only read a few but they were very well written. Great tie in with the graphic novel without being heavy handed. I don’t believe any are on here yet.

Most people don’t consider them good. Personally, I don’t mind them. They’re not the best, and they certainly don’t add anything to Watchmen. But they’re also not that bad. It’s clear that DC just wanted a quick cash grab. So I don’t know whether or not they’re worth it. I guess that depends on how interested in them you are.

I think while the corporate execs wanted it to happen for the big bucks, I think it’s fair to say that they got creators involved who did want to do justice to the work and I think by most accounts they did.

Is this a different book than the before watchmen books?

No, I think he was just saying the same thing in different words.

Honestly, I thought they were a great idea that stumbled on execution. I will say though that the ones listed by dogwelder9 were certainly the ones that were mostly enjoyable, despite their faults.

I liked Before Watchmen, particularly the two series written by J. Michael Straczynski (BW: Nite Owl and BW: Dr. Manhattan).

All four Before Watchmen trades are on sale for $5.99 each at Comixology.

The Before Watchmen trades are also available for free on Hoopla for anyone wanting to read them without committing to buying something you may be unsure about.

They’re completely unnecessary

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To second the comment above me, yes, they are unnecessary. That said, I did enjoy both of Darwyn Cooke’s series in their own right, but I’d never read them again for any other reason than the art.

The Azzarelo/Bermejo one is just an absolute trash fire.