Watchmen on HBO?

Just found out, that’s happening. Surprised I haven’t seen more chatter about it anywhere. Anyone know about it and thoughts?

Finding out about it was a happy surprise, so I’m more than just a little excited about it, personally, especially with regard to the casting I’ve seen so far.

Have been keeping up with it periodically, but haven’t seen much, yet other than the idea that they’ll be adding to the world, so I’m wondering how closely they’ll stick to who and what we already know. Really hoping it turns out well, so I’m looking forward to more updates :slight_smile:

The fraction of a sliver (and that’s being generous) of footage we’ve seen looks interesting. The cast sounds superb as do additions to the world of Watchmen. I’m excited for it.

The reason I added HBO recently is because I had heard that Watchmen should start showing sometime this year. It was a bonus to get access to some of the DC movies I had not seen yet too.


If you haven’t seen it, here is an open letter from the creator of the HBO show, Damon Lindelof, addressing fans about his intentions:

I think it is in good hands.

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Don’t blame you, @macjr.1962.50796; will definitely be looking into doing the same nearer to premiere. Btw, thanks for the link, @BatmanOfZur En Arrh; that was quite the read (loving his use of religious symbolism). Makes me a fragile mix of scared and excited. Good hands, I agree.

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