'Watchmen' Leads 2020 Emmys Pack With 26 Nominations

The Damon Lindelof produced/written Watchmen sequel series that premiered on HBO back in October of 2019 received 26 prime-time Emmy Awards nominations today. In fact, it’s total tally of noms rivals any of the other time slotters that were nominated this year.

The nine-episode series, which generated soaring amounts of buzz among TV audiences and activated a maelstrom of conversations across the social media landscape regarding its unflinching examination of racism in America, was nominated for Best Limited Series and received nods for cast members Regina King and Jeremy Irons among its considerable roster of nominations.

Academy Award winner Regina King has been nominated for Best Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for her unforgettable turn as Angela Abar/Sister Night in HBO’s Watchmen.

Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons nabs a Best Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie Emmy nomination for his brilliant portrayal of Ozymandias in HBO’s Watchmen.

Big, BIG CONGRATS to DC, Warner Bros, HBO, and showrunner Damon Lindelof for knocking it out of the park on this one. So very cool!

You can read more about Watchmen’s Emmy nominations here at NBC News- 'Watchmen,' HBO's dystopian epic, leads pack of Emmy nominees


Eh, the HBO show is fine, but it’s not the best adaptation of Watchmen…


OMG- this is HILARIOUS. Good stuff @AlexanderKnox! :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Personally I loved the series though I felt like it kinda went off the rails with the last couple of episodes. Regardless, it’s all well deserved.

A tangental story to this that I thought was interesting was The Mandalorian, a streaming Star Wars TV show, was second in amount of nominations. I haven’t seen the show, so I can’t say it if it deserves all of it, but I do think it says something about “geek culture” infiltrating these bigger award spheres, as well as streaming making an impact on the industry.


Agreed on both points here @Jay_Kay. Now that the global TV/streaming audience is heavier on the side of Generation X/older Millennial viewership, two demos whose love for the magical mythos of comics fueled their imaginations during their formative years, the opportunities for the acknowledgment of award-worthy performances and insightful adaptations of comic book source material have greatly expanded. Gone are the days of entertainment biz award show voters snubbing fantastic character interpretations (Jack Nicholson in 1989 for Batman) and have been replaced by voting members who can truly appreciate the opportunities for quality and relevant entertainment value that can come from a thoughtfully produced and presented comic book movie/streaming series. And you’re right- the advent of the streaming video production genre and the popularity it enjoys with viewers around the globe has allowed talented creators to present more complete and meaningful adaptations of beloved comic book storylines without being ham stringed by the 120 page script/two hour run time limitations that feature films have to come in under in order to entice movie theater chains to run the films in their theaters. It’s a brave new world now for the superhero live action/animated content genre, and I really dig this whole new scene. :+1:


That’s Awesome™️


So I’m super late to this party but I just started watching this show and I’m 100% hooked!

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