Watchmen Episode 8 *Spoilers*


Oh boy! I still dont know how this season will end. The time jumping from past to present with Dr. M was well done and Angela’s freakout about the possibility of starting this whole thing made my head hurt and mind blown at the same time.

Another thing I saw, the preview of next weekend’s episode has the words “season finale” rather than “series finale”. Might not mean much but finger cross for another season.


I was mostly focused on Crisis last night, but yeah, let’s not forget that this was another excellent episode in an amazing season. I’m really curious as to what Jon’s endgame is here, if he even has one. As much as he talked about how they couldn’t stop him from getting captured, it really seemed like he just let it happen. I feel like he could’ve easily teleported away before he got blasted or destroyed the cannon while he was killing all the 7K members. Just another reason to watch next week, I suppose

I think Jon knows what’s going to happen but can’t change it because to him it’s already happened. If he experienced time in a linear fashion he could use his ability to see the future to change it, but for him past and future are happening simultaneously so he has to let the future play out.


After the last three brilliant episodes, I hope they don’t try to do another season or even an anthology show set in the Watchmen universe. Just let these 9 episodes stand on their own. Maybe revisit the material once another 35 years have gone by.

That definitely fits w/ his character, even if it’s a bit frustrating to see him get captured like that

The latest entry in peteypedia confirmed Agent Petey is Lube Man

I get the feeling that he knows what’s going to happen, and while it may end tragically in terms of what happens with him and Angela, it won’t end like how Keene and his 7K cronies want it to.

Such a great episode. I was at first a little concerned about weaving Manhattan so deeply into Angela’s story, but they made it work, and Yahya did an incredible job as Doctor Manhattan.

Also, a meme:


I almost get the feeling that Dr. Manhattan wanted to die at that spot. Throughout the season, we’ve gotten glimpses into Dr. Manhattan’s emotional state of mind, and I’ve picked up on the idea that he was very sad or depressed. I mean, what good is being a big blue omnipotent being when all the good that you do is meant for evil, and the only people who worship you don’t have a shred of awareness to make conscious decisions on their own (and I had to live through all of that)? I had the sense that he was not only barreling towards his conclusion, but he also wanted it that way.

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I like how Yahya nailed Jon’s mostly deadpan delivery, but managed to include a few moments of actual humanity, which is only fitting seeing as how he wanted to become human. Also, that meme is absolute gold chef’s kiss


I think there is a point to our Dr. Being a bit disoriented after the extraction of “plan A”. Like he’s sort of drunk (by his standards). He normally would have the self dicipline to avoid the Judd Crawford murder/temporal paradox we witnessed.

Also, he knows he is going to die, and can not change it, and that is his quirky pre-determinism personality.

I predict Topher is going to end up with the powers by the end. There is a blue glowing background in almost all of that kid’s scenes, and i think i see a foreshadowing to who Doctor Manhattan’s Heir will be.

This meme is fantastic.

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Anybody find it a bummer that we had a dedicated App for DC and we are in here talking about a DC property that we can’t watch on this app ?


That show needed a big budget and the money spent really shows.

HBO charges a much more higher monthly fee and has way more members.

The alternative was not to have the show produced at all. Dc Universe couldn’t afford it.

Same with Netflicks and the forthcoming Sandman.