Watchmen Episode 5 *Spoilers*

Wow! They really went there with the Squid.
Squid Pro Quo quote, lol

Best “origin” story of the show so far. Loved Looking Glass backstory.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?


The origins of Looking Glass. Just when you think the show can’t get more bat ■■■■ crazy, it does or comes very close to it. While I still think last week’s episode is still my favorite so far, what’s your thoughts on tonight’s newest episode?


“Careless Whisper” has never been more creepy and evocative.

Overall a great character study for this character. Looking forward to next issue and how they’re going to similarly handle Will with Angela living through his life. He’s gotta be Hooded Justice, right? Or is it Doctor Manhattan?

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It’s a shame only few watches this here in DCU. It such a great show!


“You don’t want to get nuked before you get f***ed, do you?”

Now, that’s good dialogue! :writing_hand: :metal:

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Loved all the direct callback to the original story. As for Veidt, I’m especially curious as to what planet he’s being held on. The neighboring planet kind of looked like Jupiter to me, and since Saturn is a gas giant, I figure he’s gotta be on one of the moons. Anyone know of any moon names w/ possible symbolic connections to Watchmen?

Any thoughts as to the identity of The Game Warden? I could not help but notice he referred to Veidt as “Master.”

Doesn’t Veidt’s clones call him “Master” also?

The game warden must be another clone that was created by someone else.

Or he created the Game Warden himself and is in a jail of his own making.

im really hoping looking glass makes it out alive, i really thought the 7th cavalry would want him in the fold even after getting what they wanted from him

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