Watchmen Ep. 3

So after watching episode three tonight, what’s your thoughts on the show? Still following and do you still think Regina King as Sister Knight is the best character or a new one?


I gave it three episodes.

I didn’t like the show after episode one or two. Three didn’t do it for me either.

After reading an article by the creator, the series is fully about the racism issue as the core primary focus and…

I just don’t want to watch it.

I’m really upset because I wanted the series to be more in-line with the Watchmen. Maybe a group of masked men and women investigating the rumors spread by Rorschach’s journal. I just don’t want my relaxation time to be a gritty racial drama.

It’s bad enough that the only original content from DC I’m getting access to are both dark and gritty.

I’m really tempted to just cancel my subscription for a couple months until I can watch something fun again.

I mean, what they’re doing with this series IS what the comic Watchmen was at it’s core: taking the existential fears of our times and framing it around ineffectual, cruel and pathetic superhero characters. Back then it was the Cold War and being two steps away from nuclear annihilation, now it’s white supremacy, police brutality and political divides.

Also, I don’t know how you can’t have fun with Jeremy Irons hamming it up and doing horrifically unsafe things to his cloned servants.


That huge Dr. Manhattan “toy” was something else. :laughing:

I am liking every episode so far.


Yeah, @Jay_Kay said it. Watchmen has always been a comic that takes on upsetting issues (Rape, Mysogyny, Unnecessary War, Violence, etc.). If you expected anything other than complex and troubling issues from a piece of Watchmen content… Well I’m not sure what to tell you. Watchmen has always been more about the message than the characters. Rorsharch, the Comedian, etc. Are all just carbon copies of other characters that serve the purpose of the story at hand. I’m glad that the show is continuing that tradition.


Does anyone else have a theory about Detective “Glass” being a little too much like Rorschach? Something is up with him…

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I thought the same thing! :flash_hv_4:

I was thinking Glass was very similar to Rorschach. I guess the fact that he hardly has his mask off and something about his demeanor reminds me of him.


I’m loving the show. I’m really intrigued, and at this point just want to know what’s ultimately going to happen. Silk Spectre as an FBI agent is great. The actress did a wonderful job on her performance. I’m wondering if Viedt is a clone like the other clones. Also, another theory, are the clones he has clones of Dr. Manhattan before he turned & of Dr. Manhattans 1st wife? If so, that’d be really twisted.


Did anyone else get the Pirate Jenny reference?

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There’s a really interesting comparison to be made between their masks. With Rorschach you see what you want to see (in the ink blots) but with Looking Glass you see yourself reflected back at you.


I had to rewind a few times to make sure that really was what I was seeing. Sure enough, it was.


I love this show so far and am eager for more. Regina King is great, as is Jeremy Irons.

They also reference the squid monster! Given that, and how things pick up 30 years later, I see the show as more of a sequel to the comic than anything, and I’m perfectly fine with that.


I’m still on the fence about this. I’ll give it a few more episodes before I pass judgement.

I AM glad it’s a sequel to the comics and not the movie. The whole “masked police” story line is intriguing. I like that Laurie is an FBI agent. That was out of left field but I like it. I’m a little perturbed she is constantly pining over John and his radioactive control Rod. What happened to Dan? Even if he’s incarcerated, shouldn’t she be missing him?


He’s in prison, and she went to Tulsa because Senator Keene dangled a presidential pardon for him if she’d investigate. So while she may be pining for Doc Manhattan, she’s doing what she can to help Nite Owl.


Sorry you feel that way.

It is very obvious that Damon Lindelof treats the source material with such reverence and is using it as cannon. I really appreciate the risks they have taken with the material. Although they treat the comic as gospel I love how they undermine some of our assumptions.

HBO’s Watchmen has the rebellious spirit of Alan Moore and I love it!

On a personal note…I prefer DC’s dark and gritter side, but to each their own.


Also, it’s not like the comic was all light and fluffy. The source material itself is some really dark stuff.


This episode put it over the top for me. It’s my only must watch show right now, and so long as some of these mysteries pay off I think I’m going to be very positive about it.