Watching Doom Patrol a 2nd Time

Due to my fiancé’s busy schedule and my lack of patience, I always watch Doom Patrol without her on Friday (oops :slight_smile: hehe) But I always rewatch it with her sometime during the week. What I’ve noticed is how deep the show is and a second viewing has lots of benefits. There are so many small details. Whether it be comic references, the awesome music, quick jokes you may have missed, or clues to events in the show, there is always something I notice the second time around. I recommend giving an episode a second viewing (or more). If anything, it helps hold me over till next Friday. I just want to binge!


Yes! I agree wholeheartedly. I have seen each episode at least twice, and I always notice something new with each viewing.


I always watch the new episode first thing on Friday and then with the watch-along people Friday night! I’m also planning a re-watch of the entire season once it’s complete. Awesome show.


I’ve seen em all at least three times. I think I might have a problem.


@Biff_pow if watching a ton of Doom Patrol is wrong, then I don’t want to be right! lol


I’m very surprised by how much I’m enjoying Doom Patrol. I was put off by the first episode (mixed feelings. I didn’t flat out hate it), but now I’m totally onboard this crazy train, and I’m trying to get my family into it as well (they’re all adults, thankfully).