Watch titles removed?

There’s not a lot of films on here, & I get that people are on here for the comics too, not just shows & movies, but when I logged in today, I saw the Batman live action films removed as well as a Watchmen one I was planning to see.
What gives?
Given the already slim selection, I think they should be doing all they can to add MORE instead of taking things away.

Tales of the Black Freighter is still on the service.

The Batman live actions were removed in July and there was ample warning.

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The Home and Movie Main pages doesn’t show all Movies.

Go to bottom of Movies & TV page and Browse All to see all movies.

Two Watchmen Movie were added. The two other Watchmen motion comics remained.

All four movies were removed because they were remastered as 4k and thus had a new lease on life for streaming elsewhere, generating income for AT&T Warner Brothers and hopefully some for DCU.

They should come back. Watch Watchtower forum for adds and removal of movies

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Watchmen, Watchmen BF, & under the hood still show up in the movies section. They are all still here.

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