Watch Pennyworth for free

I believe if you own an Apple product like iPhone or Apple TV you can watch epix for free till the 2nd through the Apple TV app. Just started Pennyworth today and it’s fantastic.


Good to know. Thanks!

Just found that out a while ago. I pretty much went through all the Apple TV shows so glad Epix is free for a while.

Thanks for the info. I got my next binge, have always just really been interested in Alfred. I heard mixed reviews about the show.

I mean think about it, for a second this guy is the Butler, Driver, and BodyGuard to one of the most powerful families in the world. This simple Butler along with his friends of simple Butlers have access codes Great Britain’s nuclear silos. He has NO PROBLEMS allowing his ward to train to become a one man tactical weapon, or with the need and required skillset to patch him up on a daily basis. Nor does he fear but actually intimidates Bruce\Batman and he is at least 30 years his elder and not even 20-25% the physical strength of the Dark Knight.

You have to ask WHO IS THIS GUY?

He is the true OG of all superheroes and way more badass than, Batman, Lobo, Red Hood, Lady Shiva. You name a hero, and Alfred Pennyworth punks every one of them. Hands down.

I can’t 100% agree with you, but I can 100% agree that you maybe on to something. Thanks

There’s some good news…!