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Also, gotta love the Old Spice product placement.

C’mon. Kids in high school don’t wear old spice. Get real.


I loved hearing Social Distortion during the last game. That takes me back!

I guess it also kind of references the distortion they are doing to Mxyzptlk’s powers



ugh they all bathed in Axe when I was in HS :skunk:

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Lol, yes. Also this one:

Liquid titanium, really? Everyone loves the smell of metal.

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This week on Smallville…

When: April 23, 2023 12:00 AM

What: Smallville - Season 4, Episode 8: Spell :broom:

Where to watch: Smallville is available for streaming on Hulu or by digital download on iTunes/YouTube/Google Play/Vudu/Amazon Prime, or DVD and Blu-ray.


It’s the best episode in Smallville history, the homage to Hocus Pocus (1993)!
Lana, Chloe and Lois are possessed by a coven of ancient witches bent on obtaining power. Clark discovers his invulnerability doesn’t hold up to magic.
Chaos ensues…can Clark save the day?

Cast & Crew

Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Writers: Steven S. DeKnight

Tom Welling Clark Kent
Kristin Kreuk Lana Lang/Margaret Isobel Thoreaux
Michael Rosenbaum Lex Luthor
Erica Durance Lois Lane/Brianna Withridge
Allison Mack Chloe Sullivan/Madelyn Hibbins
Jensen Ackles Jason Teague
John Glover Lionel Luthor (credit only)
Annette O’Toole Martha Kent
John Schneider Jonathan Kent
William S. Taylor Mr. Jacobson
Mark Acheson Magistrate Wilkins
Lara Gilchrist Madelyn Hibbins
Melanie Papalia Brianna Withridge
Tim Niverth Young Party Guest
Micah Gardener Party Guest


Lex is forced to play Impromptu No. 2 In E Flat by Schubert.
Find more show trivia in The Loft thread!

We will keep track of all the unconscious characters :face_with_spiral_eyes: and ruined vehicles :sv_crash: to add to the Smallville Incident Report!

Reminder of the Rules:

Spoiler Free Watch Party!

Let’s live in the 2003 moment and pretend we’ve never seen the rest of the series so our new fans can enjoy like we did. Please do not post any spoilers about the future of any characters or plotlines during this event.

Can't Win If You Don't Play

You must have a way to access the episode and a DCUI membership to interact during the watch along.


Watch-Alongs are best experienced on two devices; your phone or computer for comments, and the big screen for viewing.

3, 2, 1 Let's Jam

Have your clicking finger on the “play” button and ready for action - we’ll be starting at the stroke of the hour.

Let The Credits Roll

Who would want to skip that Remy Zero anthem anyway?

A Wrinkle In Time

If you get lost in the timestream you can calculate where the audience is by checking the minute.
For example, it it’s XX:15pm then we are 15 minutes into the episode.

See you Saturday! :smallville_fan_club:

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5 minutes till witching hour!!

Happy Saturday night

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Greetings sister! :partying_face:

Up, up, and press play!

They know they are witches because she turned them into newts.

Ok, I was a little lost.

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:rofl: that was a Monty Python joke

Oh OK. Yes, I’m pretty lost.

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I think I figured it out finally.

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This is Lana’s ancestor in France. The countess.

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:rofl: her bf is like yeah…spooky…

Good grief! Ouch!

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Jason, did you lose an eyebrow in that inferno?


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