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I see what you did there. OK. Go.

well, they had to find a way to get Lex to forget about Clark.

don’t put me in your wierdo triangle Lana!!

Ha. Friends.

Hey guys! Sorry my volleyball tournament ran late and I just finished!!


hmm, maybe I could use some shock treatment, Lex seems so serene.

Oh no. Lex is different. That is sad.

no prob. but wow, you are now in that elite group that can have a WAL happen on auto!!!

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Did he really forget or is he pretending?


Is there a badge for that? Lol

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I just don’t get badges. Me old.

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That’s what happens when you haven’t watched before. I don’t know the answers. Darn.

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Memory loss is no joke in Smallville :stuck_out_tongue:

well, they spelled her name right anyway on the banner.

wait til Clark gets a load of the new boy in town

I do like me that early 2000’s rock

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I just going to say, more good music.

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very “POD”

I have to go and finish the two previous, so I know what I missed.

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