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I’m sure if Bar-el were here, she would now tell us all to launch, so let’s launch!

Hi there. Good evening.

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howdy !

I hope you took your meds beforehand lol

Nope. Oh no! I was trying to catch up with last two that I missed.

well, here we are in the asylum

I guess so! I must have missed something.

probably another dream sequence lol

I didn’t get to the episode right before this yet.

don’t tell Teach, but I skipped the one we all missed last week. shhhhhh

You’re secret is safe with me.

that’s some bed

Cozy bed. Ouch.

wow, they teach that in rich boy school?

This should have been a Halloween one I think.

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so tonight @Bar-El is doing the WAL miracle we call the “Vroom” where a fragile Watchalong actually takes on a life of its own without it’s creator in the room…

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Oh, I see. Good to know.

Oh, I have an ad.

Done in 10 sec.

ok, paused in the kitchen with Colronel mustard and the candle stick