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And a native man is trying to preserve a heritage site and the construction worker is a jerk!

Creepy night sounds…


That’s a big wolf!

Dude gets exploded when the flare comes back down on the fuel tank!



Clark and Pete are epic motocross riders! :motorcycle:

Clark makes an epic jump and falls into some underground caves!

Don’t worry, some lady is down there! :sweat_smile:


The cave’s lore sounds pretty similar to Clark’s and he’s super excited to find out more! Jonathan is a little more skeptical.

They need to save the caves before they’re bulldozed by the new LuthorCorp office park!

Kyla is crushing hard! I do really enjoy how this episode mixes in the native legends with Clark’s mythos!

Also, the car exploded at the start of the episode! duh! 1 wrecked car today!! :sv_crash:

Lionel is comparing Martha to his wife. Laying it on thick there dude.

Kyla is the worlds most dangerous rock climber ever seen.

Clark saves her from a rock fall and his secret is out!

Awww they kissin!!! :kiss:

Lana finds out Henry Small really is her dad! Wow!

Ouch, Joseph Willowbrook dropping the truth bomb on Martha.

Oh boy, LuthorCorp setting up Mr. Willowbrook for the murder of the foreman? Clark goes to Lex, and Lex want’s to stay away from that can of worms with a 10 foot pole!

So Lana is breaking up with Whitney, Clark likes Kyla, and Lana likes Clark. Chloe is pretending she’s over it all. LOVE POLYGON!!!