:00_steel: Watch Party | Modern Age Superman Club - Black History Month Celebration! | SAT Feb. 12th at 6 PM EST

The @ModernAgeSupermanClub Presents:

The Black History Month Celebratory Watch Party!

Saturday, February 12, 2022 11:00 PM

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Opening Act:

Superman: The Aminated Series

Season 2, Episode 21 “Prototype”



Episode Details

As inventor John Henry Irons fears, the pilot of his imperfect prototype power armor becomes violently unstable.

Cast Character
Tim Daly Superman/[Clark Kent
Dana Delany Lois Lane
Xander Berkeley Sgt. Corey Mills
Clancy Brown Lex Luthor
Michael Dorn John Henry Irons
Cynthia Gibb Trish Mills
Joanna Cassidy Maggie Sawyer
Robert David Hall News Anchor
Cam Clarke Older Thug

5 Minute Intermission

Main Event:

Steel (1997)

Starring Shaquille O'Neal



Film Details

A scientist for the military turns himself into a cartoon-like superhero when a version of one of his own weapons is being used against enemies.

Cast Character
Shaquille O’Neal John Henry Irons
Annabeth Gish Sparky
Judd Nelson Nathaniel Burke
Richard Roundtree Uncle Joe
Irma P. Hall Grandma Odessa
Ray J Martin
Charles Napier Col. David
Kerrie Keane Senator
Tembi Locke Norma
Gary Graham Detective
Eric Saiet [Young Cop
Hill Harper Slats
George Lemore Cutter
Joseph Palmer Holdecker
Eric Poppick Mr. Hunt ‘Mugging Victim’
Rutanya Alda Mrs. Hunt
John Hawkes Mugger
Steven Mattila Big Willy Daniels
Claire Stansfield Duvray
Kevin Grevioux Singer
Tim DeZarn Skinhead Leader
Michael Shamus Wiles Second Skinhead
Kamau Holloway Skin #1
Norris Young Skin #2
Maurice Chasse French Mercenary
Josh Cruze Columbian
Harvey Silver Lamont
Nancy Wolfe American Overlord
Danny Hartigan Chauffeur
Rick Worthy SWAT Man
Marabina Jaimes SWAT Woman
Scotch Ellis Loring SWAT Officer
Ben Martin District Attorney
Dirk Craft Officer Craft
John F. O’Donohue Federal Reserve Guard
Patrick Hayes Pre-Teen #1
Manner Washington Pre-Teen #2
Cyd Strittmatter Lieutenant
John Donohue Crewman #1
Jody Fasanella Matronly Secretary
Kevin Sifuentes Reed Driver
Joe Wandell Reff Gunman
Joshua G. Adams Basketball Kid #1
Zane Graham Basketball Kid #2
Robert ‘Duckie’ Carpenter Skinhead #3
Brigitte Graham Jump Roping kid
Valentina Marie Lomborg LA Cop
Ben Maccabee Marine
Michael Preston Mr. Weston
Dian Van Patten Mrs. Weston

Come on, come all, @ModernAgeSupermanClub! :partying_face:

It’s a super double feature (kinda-sorta) of a seriously super ally of Superman’s, and an awesome hero in his own right!

Now to decide which Steel figures to bring to the shindig…


I’ve met Michael Dorn at my second Star Trek convention, he was such a nice guy and funny too. :grinning:


That’s so cool!!


I have a hard time associating “nice” and “Worf”, but that’s really great to hear, and awesome that you got to meet him!


Speaking of Michael Dorn…

The episode of Family Guy where Stewie kidnaps the stars of TNG is great.

Stewie is driving a minivan with the cast as he pulls up to a McDonald’s drive-thru

MD: “Do they have the McRib?”

Stewie (agitated): “They don’t sell the McRib right now, Michael!”

MD: “They’ve got the ingredients, so why don’t they just make one?”

Stewie: “Because they just don’t!”

MD: “Do they have beer?”

Who knew the DCAU Steel enjoyed the McRib? Its a heroic sammich though, so its not a surprise.


I love how we’re all talking about the DCAU version and ignoring that we’re apparently going to be subjected to the Shaq movie shortly afterward. :rofl:


That episode of STAS is the tasty chaser before the kinda-icky drink that comes after.

@D4RK5TARZ clears his throat

Okay, Steel isn’t icky. I mean, no movie that ever had a toy line by Kenner ever was, regardless of how good or bad (or in-between) the movie may have been.


Sorry, (clearing my throat) when I first saw Steel on HBO Max over a year ago, I really thought it was a very good film. It wasn’t all that bad, it may look like a cheap Saturday afternoon movie, it was still good. The first 20 minutes was really based on Steel #1.
I’m just sorry the film was a flop, I think they did a good job of it. And last year I also got this movie on DVD. Why? Why not, it’s a DC comic film that shouldn’t be taken too seriously.:slightly_smiling_face:



Excuse me, has this steel logo been here the entire time because it definitely didn’t come up when I searched for it last time!!! :00_steel:

One moment while I sprinkle this bad boy all over my posts…


I call dibs after you’re done!

And please, if you sprinkle out most of the container, then kindly refill it, m’kay? M’kay. :clark_hv_4:



Sometime when I talk about DC characters, I like to use a emoji of theirs. All I did was hit `:’ spell their name, and this would appear in emoji search, :00_steel:. :slightly_smiling_face:


NGL, I’m going to use this: :00_steel: as often as possible. It’s slick and shiny. :superman_hv_4:

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We’ll s(t)ee(l) you in 3.5 hours!

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Who’s ready for some steel?


We’ll be starting on the hour with Superman: The Aminated Series, Season 2, Episode 21 “Prototype”


Is he really Superman? First I heard a boy who called himself Superman, then there were two other Superman sighting, one he’s half cyborg, other he wears a cool Sunglasses!
Will the real Superman please stand up.:thinking:


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What? Everyone knows Superman doesn’t wear sunglasses! And a half cyborg guy? That’s literally Cyborg @Reaganfan78. You must be seeing things…


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I was referring to the Return of Superman. LOL!:grin:

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Paused and ready to go. :smiley: