Watch BOTH Green Lantern Animated Films: Leaving DC Universe JUNE 30th/JULY 1st!

I had never heard anything about either Green Lantern animated film, Green Lantern: Final Flight or Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, but since I have been catching up on the few DC movies I haven’t seen, finally heard they were good here on the forums & then read that they would be leaving this site at the end of June I decided to finally watch them & I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I really wish they would redo the live action GL film & tell the story of Avra & the first lanterns, like in Emerald Knights or just redo EK in its entirety. I haven’t seen the Ryan Reynolds live action GL so maybe they already did this? Idk, maybe they could tell that story & then get to the African American Hal Jordan.


Agree! I really liked both movies. First Flight was an interesting take on Hal Jordan’s origin. That has to be hands down one of my favorite interpretations of Sinestro.

Emerald Knights was a great anthology. The Mogo story with Roddy Piper as Bulfunga was really good. I’m a sucker for anthologies and watching this reminded me of the Green Lantern Quarterly books from the nineties.

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Yesss, the Bulfunga story was so great too! They could turn that into a movie too! Just make one on all the Lanterns…

Wait, aren’t they supposedly making one right now? I can’t even remember anymore.

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I love First Flight and hate Emerald Knights.

How tf can you hate EK? Kilowog’s story literally made me cry & they’re all really good. I guess it was choppy because it was multiple stories but whatever. People love to hate :sweat_smile:

I enjoyed me all except for the Ryan Reynolds movie just didn’t do much at all literally an figurative they did nothing lol, effects were cool suit sucked acting ehh except for my man Mark Strong he was great , an honestly the green lantern TV series was really fun alot cool stuff in there Blues n Reds also Orange agent !! they even show the book of black i think ,shows sweet if u can get past the cartooning to computery for me , but sucks there taking they off they’re in my rotation

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Yeah, I really need to start the Green Lantern Animated series asap


Ya I watched it when it first dropped an It really is fun I enjoyed it for sure tons of teasers an cliff hangers they set it solid up for another season it could easily go 3 like clock work so much cool stuff !

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Emerald Knights was really good, both were but I think Emerald Knights is one of the better direct to DVD animated films DC has done.


I’ve now seen the first two episodes (a two parter) of the Green Lantern Animated Series & I enjoyed it! I will be watching this show eventually now, thanks everyone for recommending it!