📺 Watch-Along 📺 Swamp Thing S1 E04! Friday, June 21, @6pm PST/9pm EST

WARNING: Swamp Thing is rated TV-MA for harsh language, horror themes, and violence.

Last week, we heard the Thing speak, and got a few sneak peeks at what’s to come for our friend Blue Devil. What new mysteries will we uncover this week?

For those who have joined a Watch-Along before, you know the drill. For those who haven’t joined a Watch-Along before, read on to learn more.

:white_check_mark:THE DEETS​:white_check_mark:

Who: You, silly!

What: SWAMP THING, S01 E04

Where: Right here on the forums! In this thread! In the comments below! Maybe on your phone! But also, you’ll be watching Swamp Thing on another screen to make it easier. So there, too.

When: Friday, June 21st @6pm PST/9pm EST.

Why: Because the community that geeks out together, stays together.

How: Great question- read below!


:point_down:RULES OF THE ROAD​:point_down:

  1. CAN’T WIN IF YOU DON’T PLAY – You must have a subscription to DC Universe to access SWAMP THING.

  2. DUAL-WIELDING – Watch-Alongs are best experienced on two devices; Your phone for comments, and your big screen for viewing.

  3. 2, 1 LET’S JAM – Have your clicking finger on the “play” button and ready for action- we’ll be starting at the strike of the hour.

  4. A WRINKLE IN TIME – If you get lost in the time, you can calculate where the audience is by checking the minute- For example, it’s it’s 6:15pm PST, then we are 15 minutes into the episode.

  5. CRISP, REFRESHING CHROME EXTENSIONS – If you’re having trouble keeping up with the comments (understandably), there are Chrome extensions out there that automatically refresh the page as often as you program it to. Worth a shot!

:seedling: Come explore the Green, and the Rot, with us Friday night, only on DC Universe! :seedling:


I’m ready for the fourth episode, bring it on.




Totally Tubular!


That cool I haven’t done one of these in a long time


Why watch knowing that it’s been canceled…:weary::weary::weary:

Hopefully I can make this one. Been busy the past couple of weeks and been missing watching along with all of you :grinning:


Because the show is so good! The fact that there aren’t CURRENT plans for a second season doesn’t interfere with how great this season has been so far.


I love this show and can’t believe its been canceled!!!


EVERYONE is crushed that ST was cancelled before the final three episodes could be filmed. DCU is not to be blamed.

I’m counting the blessing of 10 full episodes of a titanically great show.

There still are SEVEN episodes yet to be seen. I still see it as an embarrassment of riches, and I will enjoy and be scared by this very high-quality show’s final 7 hours.


Everywhere you look this show is getting hyped…it’s like they are pouring salt in a wound
everybody seems to love it
But it got canceled with no hope of returning
Just doesn’t make sense at all


Well, of course you’re right that it was cancelled, but the quote from @Applejack is that there are no CURRENT plans for a season 2 of Swamp Thing. We still don’t know why the show was cancelled, so it may be plausible that it’s brought back by popular demand similar to how Young Justice was. You may be completely right that there is no chance of it returning, but from what we know so far, it’s still possible. Maybe that’s just my optimism speaking :slight_smile:


This show is such a ride.


:seedling: Woo Hoo! :sweet_potato: Hope to see ya all here in the :test_tube: swamp tomorrow night :tv:


Is DCU continuing? Bring ST back. It is the perfect fit with the programming you already have.


Counting down to tomorrow can’t watch it live with everyone but will watch it after work. This is the best show and I only see positive reviews. Everyone who watches it really likes it. Derek is the nicest most positive guy. Let’s bring this back by popular demand #SaveSwampThing. The episode pics for Episode 4 look amazing. Can’t wait to see it tomorrow :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


Can’t wait to see episode four tomorrow.


Who do we have to annoy/petition/patronize in order to get this show a season 2???


@HatTrick, Applejack said the best thing we can do is voice our opinion here on this community in a constructive form, and that it will be heard and be passed up to the higher ups.
Personal opinion:
I do believe that they have gotten a pretty good feel for how much people want more and that they will continue to do everything they can to give the fans what they want.


I can’t wait for tomorrow